Episode 59–Murphy to NJ Gun Owners: BOHICA!

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Gun Lawyer Episode 59 Transcript


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Evan Nappen, Speaker 3

Evan Nappen 00:19

Evan Nappen here, and you’re listening to Gun Lawyer. Today we have a special edition of the show. I am going to focus on what Governor Murphy recently announced as his next “shoe to drop” on gun owners. He announced an entire package today. I am going to review with you in detail to the best I can because some of the information is unobtainable at the moment. I want to give you a heads up as to where Murphy intends to take these issues and jam it to New Jersey gun owners. So, he put out a press release, and he had a press conference on this. Lo and behold, he is, of course, with the usual nonsense about addressing the nation’s gun violence crisis. It’s always gun violence. I tell you what. If you hit somebody with a golf club, can we address golf club violence. Do they ever call it that? We do it to start identifying objects here, more of the propaganda.

Evan Nappen 01:39

All his bills, of course, are about gun safety legislation. Of course, none of it has anything to do with safety. But it’s gun safety legislation, and we’re getting the standard BS to fool the public. And here it comes. It’s another BOHICA moment for New Jersey and our Second Amendment rights. Murphy is claiming, “We must continue to build on that progress and make our state safer for the over 9 million people who call New Jersey home. Among other things, New Jersey has established (and this is what Murphy’s already done) a ‘red flag’ law (which is absolutely atrocious) . . . ; criminalized firearm trafficking; strengthened background checks; reduced the maximum capacity of ammunition magazines; banned ‘ghost guns’; established the Rutgers Gun Violence Research Center to identify evidence-based solutions to the gun violence crisis; and established a partnership with a coalition of states (New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut) to share crime gun data between law enforcement agencies.”

Evan Nappen 01:44

Of course, none of what he’s done has had any impact whatsoever on crime. But it has drastically affected law-abiding citizens. It has turned more New Jerseyans that are law-abiding into law-abiding criminals who had their property seized and their rights crushed. He is not going to stop. So, here’s the next package to jam it to gun owners. Now he is working with Senator Loretta Weinberg; his partner in crime. And what does it say it says she’s making it clear that that: “As we seem to hear about nearly every week in our country, gun violence remains a menace to society. In the interest of keeping our streets safe and our schools and houses of worship secure from gun violence, we need to continue to Page – 2 – of 7

do what we can where we can to bolster New Jersey’s already existing strong gun safety laws, and to give our law enforcement agencies all the tools they need to prevent more gun-related deaths and injuries in the future.”

Evan Nappen 04:15

What we have is an entire campaign of gun owner harassment launched in a fully anti-gun, Democrat controlled state. Here is what’s coming our way here, and you need to know it. Even if you don’t live in New Jersey, you need to be aware of these things because it can come knocking on your door. Nobody is safe. New Jersey is a petri dish for these idiotic laws. It is a campaign of harassment on gun owners, and it’s nothing less than that.

Evan Nappen 04:49

Here we go. Murphy is going to require firearm safety training: modernize firearm ID cards, as well as require completion of a firearm safety course to receive a permit to purchase a gun or receive a firearm ID card. (S-2169/A-5030) Now, some of you may say, well, education is good; training is good. I would agree; education and training are good. But when you mandate it, control the content, and make it incredibly difficult and a huge burden, limited in what you can access in terms of even getting the courses, it simply becomes another tool of obstruction of the exercise of your gun rights. And that is what is behind it all. Don’t think for a moment that it isn’t because none of this has a drop of good faith. This is just to slam gun owners and get away with whatever they can. We are going to have training mandated.

Evan Nappen 06:02

Not only that, folks. Baked into the cake here is that your Firearms Identification Card, your Firearm Purchaser ID is only going to be good for four (4) years. So, every four years, you are going to have to pay the fees, get fingerprinted to renew you card. Many of you know right now, just how overburdened and inefficient the issuing authorities are, and just keeping up currently with gun permits and gun licensing. Now you are going to throw into the mix that every four years, everybody has to go get new firearm ID cards. Gee, where do you think the police administrative bureaucracy is going to be with that? Right now, I have cases, actual cases, where they have sat on permit applications for two years or more. How many years will this be when you have to renew every four years.

Evan Nappen 07:04

By the time they finally get around to your permit or license, you are going to have to renew it again because it will take four years. Yep, four years. Every four years, pay the fees and go through the whole process. The mandated training is going to be set at the most ridiculous levels because nothing is specified in it. It’s all up to the Superintendent, whoever is put in place there by the anti-gun governor at the time to make the determination of the safety requirements for your every four-year renewal of your firearms ID card. Boy, that is going to have such a great impact on crime, isn’t it? Just awesome. Because they are focused on those licensed individuals because you know how many crimes they commit? They are the ones; it’s not the criminals. No, no, it’s a licensed, law-abiding citizen; got to make their life tougher. So, this is just one of the bills in the package.

Evan Nappen 08:13 Page – 3 – of 7

He’s also going to mandate safe storage of firearms. Now, we already have a law that says you cannot allow a loaded firearm to be accessed by a minor. But now he’s going to mandate “safe storage”. In other words, lock up your safety; lock up your ability to defend yourself. The problem is this bill isn’t even identified yet. It is essentially a requirement to store guns in a lockbox or a gun safe – required. Frankly, right out of the box, it’s a violation of the Second Amendment under Heller. Because Heller invalidated Washington DC’s mandatory safe storage. Why should that stop New Jersey from doing something unconstitutional? Blatantly! Of course, it won’t. We’ll be seeing them in the courts on that I’m sure on their mandatory safe storage of firearms.

Evan Nappen 09:12

Then there’s the ban on .50 caliber firearms. (S-103/A-1280) The .50 caliber ban because of how many crimes you have been seeing; all these 7-11’s robbed by the bad guys with .50 caliber Barrett’s. You know those $11,000 / $12,000 Barrett .50’s just running rampant, robbing gas stations and wreaking havoc on all kinds of criminal activities. No, there has been nothing; not a single thing in New Jersey. But so what? They have got to ban .50 caliber firearms. Any firearm .50 caliber or greater will be prohibited and if you happen to already have one of these guns, you are mandated within one year to register it or render it in operable. Pay a $50 registration fee. Do you know what this is? This is the assault firearm law redux. This is the same crap they made Jerseyans do with assault firearms – either surrender it or render it inoperable, which means you cannot have any of the parts that make it operable. You cannot possess them even if they are out of the gun. You are going to have to file a certificate of inoperability and pay your $50 registration on these very fine, expensive firearms used for long distance target shooting by so many folks. Nope. A .50 Cal ban is in his package.

Evan Nappen 10:57

They want to, ready for this, close the loophole. Oh, loopholes – we have to watch out for them loopholes, man. Close the loophole for importing out-of-state firearms. (S-372 / A-3686) So, any of you out there that don’t live in New Jersey, and you come to New Jersey, this bill is going to require firearm owners who move to New Jersey to obtain a Firearm Purchaser ID Card and register their firearms within 30 days. Well, how are you going to obtain a firearm ID card within 30 days when they routinely go months and months to even issue it? Well, maybe they’ll just say, as long as you apply, they will be kind and not criminally charge you. But then you have got to register them. Registration in Jersey has always been voluntary, except on the acquisition of a handgun within New Jersey on a pistol purchase permit. But now anybody bringing in any firearm, even long arms, they are going to have to register their guns as well on new registration forms that the state police are going to have to create. If you don’t do it, then you are going to become a felon because every gun law in New Jersey is felony level offense, including this.

Evan Nappen 12:15

The registration is going to be pretty thorough. You are going to have to give your name, address, make, model, serial number, all that so that you are registered. Do you know the four words when dealing with registration? I bet you do if you’ve listened to Gun Lawyer, but I’ll repeat them for you. It begins with Legislation. Next comes Registration. And what comes after registration, folks? Confiscation. What comes after that? Extermination. Do you think that’s extreme? Do you think I’m talking hyperbole? Then you don’t know history because that pattern is repeated throughout history of Page – 4 – of 7

Legislation, Registration, Confiscation and Extermination. We have got to stop and fight registrations. Registration doesn’t solve crimes. It doesn’t do anything except give the list for whose guns to take and that is what’s behind all of it. That’s why they are pushing it. Hey, we’re not done. We have plenty more here about what Murphy’s going to slam Jersey gun owners with. When we get back from the break, I’ll tell you all about the rest of it so we can prep for the fight of our lives.

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You’re listening to Gun Lawyer with Attorney Evan Nappen. Available wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

Evan Nappen 15:04

Hey, folks, thanks for hanging in there. I know this is painful to hear, but we can’t shy away. It is a fight, and we are going to have to fight hard. It has not happened yet. This is what Murphy is going to push, and gun owners better wake up. We have got to fight and let it be known. You need to join our state association. There are plenty of great groups out there, but at a minimum, you need to belong to the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs (ANJRPC). Go to anjrpc.org . It is the NRA affiliate for New Jersey. They have a full-time lobbyist in Trenton, and they are going to send out alerts and keep you on this up to the moment so you can take action and do what’s needed. We can oppose this. Look, there are plenty of other great gun groups in Jersey, and this doesn’t mean you don’t need to belong to them, too. But at a minimum, you need to belong to your state affiliate so you can stay on top of this. ANJRPC – absolutely.

Evan Nappen 16:11

What else is on Murphy’s agenda to jam it to gun owners? Well, he wants to establish electronic ammunition sales record keeping. (S-1481 / A-1292) Yes, folks, ammunition registration. Registering ammo. I mean, when does it end? It’s insanity. They are going to force dealers to have an entire bureaucratic nightmare of somehow having to register ammunition. By the way, ammunition isn’t serial numbered; so, that is going to be a good trick. Registering purchaser, what is purchased, the quantity, caliber, gauge, type, quantity, and address, date of birth. All this information put into a database because you bought some .22s. I mean, it’s just unreal. On top of that, while the dealers are required to go through this entire nightmare of electronic registration and miniscule bureaucratic nonsense, to do Page – 5 – of 7

something that will accomplish nothing about crime, not a thing. Not a thing. What does this do for criminals committing crimes? Nothing. It doesn’t matter. You are going to have to go through this, and the dealers are going to have to do this. Ready for this, folks? The dealer gets to charge $5 for every transaction. So, every time you buy a box of ammo, go through getting put in a database with your privacy invaded and registration of ammunition takes place, you get to pay an extra $5 to your favorite state, New Jersey, because the dealer is collecting it. And guess what happens? You pay the freight is what’s going on. This is all part of the bill, and it is a nightmare.

Evan Nappen 18:19

Of course, the funniest thing about it is it has no effect whatsoever on individuals going out of state, buying their ammo out of state and bringing it back because this is all on the dealers. So, if you want to have ammunition under this bill, that’s not registered, where you haven’t gone through and paid the extra money to even do it, just buy your ammo out of state. That is all it’s going to be. Unfortunately, New Jersey gun shops are going to suffer because a lot of people are going to do that. They don’t want their name in databases, acquiring ammunition; especially if you love to get out on the weekends and target shoot. Do you want to be in databases about the ammunition you purchased by the case? We are talking about a media that makes out because someone had a brick of .22s. “They had 500 rounds of ammunition.” Yeah, that’s a brick of .22s. This is what they do. So, you can just imagine.

Evan Nappen 19:29

Yet the workaround will be out-of-state purchases. Who is going to get harmed by it? Gun dealers, which is what they want. They want to stop that too. Register purchasers to make it harder for dealers to survive in New Jersey. It is all baked into the cake and here they go. But don’t worry, it doesn’t end there. Murphy is also going to push microstamping. Microstamping – so that the only new handguns that can be sold in the state must have microstamping ability. Now for those who don’t know, micro stamping is when you fire a gun there’s some way that the brass gets marked. The brass gets marked with a stamp that is individually identified. Individual identifiers that are put on microscopically. So that when they find brass, they can “track it”. Isn’t that a wonderful idea?

Evan Nappen 20:31

Except for the fact that as soon as you have anything micro stamped with the technology, you take a file for $2.00, and you remove the microstamping ability. Goodbye, no more microstamping. Even better – do you know what happens when you shoot a revolver? You keep your brass. So, there’s no brass anywhere. Isn’t it nice that it is micro stamped? What is that – just so your buddy can’t steal your brass? No, that’s my brass over there at the range. Give it back. It’s mine. It’s micro stamped, you know. Fighting over what? With revolvers, pocket the brass. There are dozens of ways to get around this stupid stuff. But it’s going to restrict dealers to the guns they can sell, and it’s going to be enormous cost. It has no effect on crime, or even in solving crimes, because it’s so easily thwarted, and just so unbelievably stupid in terms of the value and cost. Cost value ratio here to push and force this technology and then banning the sale of any firearm that does not have it.

Evan Nappen 21:54

Again, another way to slam the dealer, and to slam the industry. To discourage individual purchasers by limiting selection and increasing cost. If you look at everything so far that Murphy has put forward, all Page – 6 – of 7

of it means more money, more expense, to exercise your rights. Who suffers when things get more expensive? The poor. So, what he is doing is going after those who are on tight budgets, fixed budgets, folks that are poor, that have every right under the Second Amendment that all of us have. Yet they are going to make it harder, tougher, maybe even impossible for somebody like that to possess a firearm, to put food on the table for their family, to get out and enjoy some time to relax with shooting. No, no, none of that for poor people. Sorry, we are just going to make this elite and high priced. It is going to limit dealers. And we’re going to limit who can do this. Think about the people that he is affecting by the price increase that’s going to take place across the board.

Evan Nappen 23:24

But it doesn’t end there, of course. He is also going to regulate school shooting drills. Now listen to this. “New Jersey schools currently are required to conduct active shooter exercises but guidelines are not specific about how those drills should be conducted. The Governor proposes authorizing the Department of Education to establish trauma- informed and age-appropriate standards for lockdown drills.” Oh, great. I’m sure that the education department will do a fine job just like they’ve done with so many other programs like CRT (Critical Race Theory) and other great ones taking place now. I’m sure you’ll see it. But okay, put these drills and scare the heck out of the kids for something that is incredibly rare. Really in the big picture, that is so rare, but nope, doesn’t matter. They are going to do it.

Evan Nappen 24:32

Well, the cherry on top of the governor’s package, though, is the so-called (there’s no bill yet put forward on that regulating school drills; cannot wait to see it). But the cherry on top is this one, and there’s no bill put forward yet on this one. “Holding the Gun Industry Accountable”. What does that mean? Hold the industry accountable. Well, Murphy said, “In New Jersey, almost 80% of the guns used in crimes are originally purchased outside of the state. However, the gun industry has failed to take any steps to stem the flow of guns to the illegal market through gun shows, flea markets, straw purchasers, and theft. The Governor proposes amending the state’s public nuisance laws to prohibit the gun industry from endangering the safety or health of the public through its sale, manufacturing, importing, or marketing of guns.”

Evan Nappen 25:41

So, what’s really behind this, folks? What’s really behind that is the Governor trying to do a workaround on the lawful commerce protection that is there federally for gun industry. The Federal law is there and is meant to stop the endless civil suit harassment, to just bury in litigation, gun makers and gun sellers. By putting it into the state’s public nuisance laws, this is the ploy. This is a tactic to try to get around the federal protection that exists. If they can do this, then, of course, the trial lawyers will be very happy. They can bring litigation and lawsuits left and right, and they can attempt to bury gun makers and sellers in New Jersey with litigation and civil suits. And that’s the plan. That’s the plan – use the civil system in this way to destroy the industry. What it will do is it will simply chase away anybody from making or selling guns or firearms accessories that would fall under this in the state of New Jersey. It will make anything that is sold here more expensive, and it will create a greater risk for those engaging lawfully in doing it.

Evan Nappen 27:29 Page – 7 – of 7

Many companies, I’m sure, will simply say we don’t sell to New Jersey. They are not going to do it. It will also affect New Jersey’s ability to buy these things for law enforcement purposes, and for their own government agents and such because no one is going to want the liability of having this in New Jersey and subjecting themselves to the litigation and the lawsuit. This is their plan. This is their ploy. It is a plan to destroy the Second Amendment with every tactic and technique that they can come up with. It is the wish list for the anti-gun movement, and it is being done in the petri dish of New Jersey. New Jerseyans will be the ones who pay the price. The idea is to spread it like cancer throughout the rest of America. So, you need to be aware. New Jerseyans are on the frontlines of the war on our gun rights.

Evan Nappen 28:46

We have got to fight it politically. We have got to stand up to this. It is going to end up big time in the courts. I’ll put out there that the SCOTUS decision, the Supreme Court decision on the Second Amendment case, The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen, that decision cannot come soon enough. Once that’s there, and these laws are going to be passed, and then we will see what we can do fighting to change it. The challenges are going to take place in the litigation. We have got to hope that we can withstand this fight and get through this until our Second Amendment rights are respected in New Jersey. Till then, this is Evan Nappen, reminding you that gun laws do not protect honest citizens from criminals. They protect criminals from honest citizens.

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