In this Premier episode, Evan pulls back the curtain to reveal the diabolical, systematic, backdoor plan to abolish the Second Amendment forever.

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Gun Lawyer Season 1 Episode 1 – Transcript

Hi, I’m Evan Nappen. And it’s time for your Gun Lawyer™ conference. Hey, welcome to this premiere episode of Gun Lawyer™. And what I’m going to discuss today is critically important. It’s critically important because our rights are absolutely on the line. It’s never been more stark in terms of the contrast. And what I’m talking about, of course, is the Presidential election. What I want to do is give you actual understanding of what Joe Biden’s plans are. In terms of the gun issue, there’s nothing more important to our rights than getting President Trump re-elected. And I’m going to explain why by going through Joe Biden’s actual plans and platform for what he’s going to do in his attempt to destroy our Second Amendment rights. And it’s nothing less than a destruction of our Second Amendment rights. I’m getting this directly from Joe Biden’s website, by the way. And he has proudly put this out, and it’s hiding in plain sight. And yet, I don’t know anywhere where it’s actually been discussed, actually been reviewed and explained as to the horrible consequences should Biden succeed and the Democrats take control of the Senate and get this agenda through. And let me be clear, this is not just pie in the sky stuff from Biden. This is the new and the Christmas list, if you will, wish list of all the anti-gun groups for which Biden is bought and paid for by Bloomberg, and his organizations such as Million Moms and Moms Demand and the BLM and the Every Town and on and on all the money’s all the issues here are going into seeing this agenda get through. And this anti-gun agenda is really startling and they will pass it because it has been fully paid for to get passed. So this is scary times. And when I explain these things to you, I’m sure you’ll be amazed as well as to how far Biden intends to take his plan in his first four years, for that matter, his first hundred days. First thing on Biden’s agenda is to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. Now what is that? Well, that is a law right now that protects gun manufacturers and dealers from lawsuits, many which are even frivolous, but lawsuits designed to destroy the firearm industry. The theory is to sue gun manufacturers and even dealers when somebody commits a wrongdoing with a gun, when a third party does something wrong with a firearm and the firearm perform perfectly as designed. They want to sue the manufacturers and the dealers and hold them responsible. It would be like being able to sue the car company because of a car accident that you caused with a car. You know bank robbers robber bank with a car so you sue the car company because they used it unlawfully. Well, that’s what they want to do here. They want to make it so that the Trial Lawyers can use the tort system, the civil personal injury laws to actually litigate into oblivion, to use the tort system to destroy the gun manufacturing industry by allowing the civil lawsuits to proliferate. And that’s what the lawful Act, the Protection of Lawful Commerce Act protects now, and Biden wants to remove it. And it will have devastating consequences to our ability to even buy a gun or ammunition for that matter.

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Now that tops off the agenda that’s right at the beginning, but it gets significantly worse. And it is quite thorough, what he wants to do is to ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Now remember, Joe Biden helped usher through the 1994 Assault Weapon Ban with spearheading it with Diane Feinstein and got it through. That was the first Federal assault weapon ban that was sunset for 10 years, and it went away and it did not get re-enacted.  Well, Biden wants to bring it back only 100 times worse. What he’s gonna do is, this time around, there’s going to be a ban on all new manufacture and sale of any new so-called assault firearms, and so- called high capacity magazines.

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But last time, everything was grandfathered, as you may recall. So they banned new manufacturing sale, but anything that was out there, you got to keep. But not this time, folks, no, no, not this time. This time, he is going to make every magazine fed, semi-automatic rifle into the equivalent of a machine gun under federal law.  He is going to put every one of those guns into the National Firearm Act (the NFA) from 1934, in the same category as machine gun.  So that if you want to keep your semi-auto, you’re going to have to register it with the National Firearms Act and pay a $200 tax, it’s actually a tax, $200 tax per gun, and per magazine for that matter. Because it’s all gonna come into this. And if you don’t want to spend $200 in tax for something you already own, in order for you to keep it, then the government will force you to get rid of it through what Biden is also supporting a gun buyback program in conjunction with this. Now, of course, they have a lot of nerve calling it a buyback, because they never owned it in the first place. But they think they own everything about us, including our souls. So they call it a buyback. And the problem is, you may not like what they’re gonna pay you for these guns, and you’re gonna have to give them up. And if you don’t, then it’s going to cost you 200 beans per gun. And if you say, well, I’m not going to do either, then you possess the semi-auto, and it’ll be the same as possessing an unregistered machine gun today.  Same offense – you’ll be looking at 10 years in Federal Prison if you don’t choose one or the other of those options.  That’s what Biden’s gonna get through. Because by putting it all into the National Firearms Act, the registry is going to just register the existing semi-autos. And not only is it a huge problem and a huge mess to even acquire anything under NFA, it’s already nine months plus to get paperwork through when you want to lawfully acquire something that’s in an NFA registry. This, oh, yeah, this will end up going, you know, years to get paperwork through. And then what are they going to have? They’re going to have a complete registration list of all the guns, so they know exactly where to go to confiscate them. And don’t worry, Joe Biden has that covered too. And we’re going to talk about that in a minute. So, this is really bad, and it’s really dangerous. And they’re also getting real cutesy by making semi-autos like machine guns and putting it in the NFA. Because think about this, the National Firearms Act has been around since 1934. So, it’s been on the books for a long time. And by simply putting semi-autos in a law that’s been long standing, they can say, well, that was Constitutional. We’ve had it since the 30s. And part of the Heller exemption, if you will, is that long standing prohibitions are constitutional. Well, we’re just going to put this into NFA and make all semi-autos the same as machine guns, and therefore, they believe it may even pass Constitutional muster. And I’m sure it will, because of what the Democrats intend to do to the courts. They intend to pack the courts and make it so that they add liberal judges, and those liberal judges will uphold these policies and laws that Biden and company get through.

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The other thing interesting about the NFA, and not too many people know it, is that the original National Firearms Act actually wanted to include semi-automatic firearms as well as fully automatic firearms. And it was a ban on all handguns too.  Folks don’t realize that, but it went through different renditions. And I’ve read all the Congressional committee hearings and the progress of the 34 Act from the original government transcripts, and you see how it changed to what it is today. So they’re really trying to complete their task because they’ve been at since the 30s, to destroy our gun rights.

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Biden is also going to go at anyone who stockpiles firearms, that’s part of his agenda. And they want to limit and restrict the number of firearms that any individual can purchase to one gun per month. You know, some places have one gun per month for handguns. And that, of course, is ridiculous and absurd, but they have it. This is to make it national and to make it for any firearm, rifle, or handgun, you will not be allowed to buy more than one gun a month. So, if you’re a gun collector, if you’re a target shooter, and you want to have more than one, forget it, they’re not gonna allow it, Biden’s gonna stop it. And all this impacts the ability for dealers to sell guns and manufacturing, again, the choke the money out of it, and make it so that they can’t survive. He’s going to require a Universal Background Check. Okay, that’s a check for all sales; private sales will end, and every sale will have to go through a dealer on the UBC, the Universal Background Check. What’s the purpose of that? Well, it also means that every sale is now paperworked; every sale is in fact, backdoor registration taking place.  The idea is know where the guns are, and buy this combo package, they’ll know who bought the guns, where the guns are, how they got them.  This whole registration process, you know, there’s four words that describe what goes on here. And here’s how it begins.  First begins with legislation. And then it’s registration. Then comes confiscation, and then extermination. And that’s a pattern, that’s a path that Democrats and Joe Biden are taking us down and this is all on his website to do these things. They want to reinstate the Biden/Obama policy where if you were deemed by Social Security Administration that you couldn’t manage your affairs, then that became a disqualifier for guns, and you became the equivalent of a convicted felon. It affected the military and others as well getting Social Security, and that was reversed by President Trump. Well, Biden’s gonna put it back and take away the gun rights of thousands of people.

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Additionally, he wants to change NICS (National Instant Check System). You know, we’ve had really a lot of delays and problems with NICS because the systems just aren’t designed to handle the volume that’s occurred. The people are buying guns, thanks to the cities’ burning and the rioters rioting and people promoting, “defunding the police”. So who’s left to defend you, well, you and if you want to defend yourself, you need a firearm to be the most effective means. And, of course, it’s caused a huge influx.  Well, Biden wants to make it now so that if you were delayed on a NICS check (the law currently says that after three days, a dealer can transfer the firearm) he wants to increase that to at least 10 days, denying your right to have a gun. So that in those 10 days, if the rioters come to your house and burn you out, oh, well, you have to wait. And that’s what he’s pushing

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Additionally, he wants to end the sale of all online firearms, ammunition, kits, and gun parts. So that you cannot buy online, any firearm, ammunition, kits, or gun parts. Now, the uneducated folks say well, why do you mean just buy a gun online.  Well, everyone who’s law-abiding knows if you buy a gun online, you may buy it online, but you don’t acquire it online. It goes thru a dealer. That’s how it works. You get something on gunbroker; it goes dealer to dealer and the transfer gets done legally. He’s gonna end all that.  Ammunition sales – right now with ammunition scarce, the only way some people are getting ammunition at all, is they are able to find things online.

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And what about gun parts and kits? Oh, gosh. So, you need a gun part to repair your firearm. It’s very common – you go online, and all these companies out there that have gun parts. You buy your gun part, as long as it’s not a receiver, fix your guns,  do the repairs; nope, no more online for that. No more – wiping it out. So forget about getting a firing pin for your gun when it breaks, or a spring or a hammer, no way.  Biden wants to end all that, completely.

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Additionally, he’s going to create a program that he’s calling “relinquishment” – it’s right on their website. He wants to set up so that individuals when you become prohibited in any way for possessing a firearm in any way, you immediately going to have to relinquish firearms. And this relinquishment is basically a gun seizure program, sponsored and promoted by the Feds. In addition to this, he wants to create new prohibitions. So not only does he want to have this program to take your guns right away, but create new reasons to take your guns. So traditionally, in America, we’ve had felons prohibited from gun ownership. That’s another topic, but it’s out there. And remember the slippery slope. Well, that’s what happened. You see, domestic violence misdemeanors became a Federal prohibitor just like a felony conviction. Now, of course, as soon as you say, domestic violence. Oh, so politically correct. And it’s so sensitive and so political a topic, you know, how could you want a domestic abuser to have a gun and on and on. The point is, it’s a misdemeanor charge, and misdemeanors had never been a prohibitor – only violent felonies. And the misdemeanor domestic violence charge can be anything that fits the bill. In New Jersey, for example, domestic violence includes harassment, and harassment is a petty disorderly person offense, the lowest level of offense in our criminal code. And what’s the essence of harassment? The essence of harassment is doing something with a purpose to annoy?

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Well, I’ll tell you, I’m sure no one has ever annoyed their wife, right? Or husband? Because if you annoyed your spouse, under New Jersey law, you’ve committed domestic violence and now your guns will be seized and you can face this slippery slope of gun prohibitors as well. Biden has a new misdemeanor now.  Now we’re gonna add more misdemeanor-type offenses. And what is it? Oh, hate crime.  Boy, if there ever was a dog whistle for the left, it’s hate crimes. Look, a crime is a crime. What is this hate crime? And if you’re gonna have a hate crime misdemeanor, now somehow because it’s a hate crime misdemeanor, not just an ordinary crime misdemeanor, even though you know, it’s the same crime. He just gives it this other sexy label to it. Well, guess what? Now, you’re going to be banned federally from having a firearm for a misdemeanor again, another misdemeanor. Then you’ll be subject to the “relinquishment” program that the federal government’s going to push.

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More disqualifiers, more people having their rights taken away. And you know, I mean, look at hate crime, right? Whatever this even means hate crime, you know what it means? It means basically, if you’re conservative, and you are therefore, just a hater. So it’s got to fall into a crime somewhere. That’s essentially the focus, right? I mean, this is outrageous. And the hits keep coming. Because he also wants to incentivize Red Flag laws. He wants to see National Red Flag laws, the so-called turbos and temporary extreme risk protection, final extreme risk protection orders, we call them red flags. Basically, someone doesn’t like you. And they go, and they say, I feel threatened by this guy, take his guns, and then with no due process, your guns are taken, and then you get to fight it out in the courts to get your property back. It is outrageous and sorely lacking of any due process. It’s basically an instant gun seizure, by anybody who wants to knock you on to that. When I come back, I’m going to continue discussing Biden’s plan. Can you believe all this? All this is in Biden’s plan and we’re not even done yet. They are going to destroy the Second Amendment and our gun rights, nothing less. And you need to know this so you can prepare and make sure you get out and vote.

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We’ll be back in a short break.

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For over 20 years, Attorney Evan Nappen has seen what rotten laws do to good people. That’s why he’s dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of America’s gun owners. A fearsome courtroom litigator, one of the first lawyers to ever get a federal injunction against the state gun law, an unrelenting gun rights spokesman tearing away at the anti-gun propaganda to expose the truth. Author of six best selling books on gun rights, including Nappen, a New Jersey gun law, the bright orange gun law Bible that sits atop the desk of virtually every lawyer, police chief, firearms dealer and savvy gun owner in New Jersey. That’s what’s made Evan Nappen America’s Gun Lawyer™. Gun laws are designed to make you a criminal. Don’t become the innocent victim of a vicious anti-gun legal system. This is the guy you want on your side, keep his name and number on a post it note in your wallet and hope you’ll never have to use it. But if you live, work or travel with a firearm, the deck is already stacked against you. Keep his number with you always. You can find him on the web at or follow the link on the Gun Lawyer™ resource page. Evan Nappen. America’s Gun Lawyer™.

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All right, back on here with your conference call with your Gun Lawyer™. And it’s important for you to know these things about what we’re up against because the media sure isn’t going to tell you. But I’m gonna tell you. We’ve got to get ready to fight these things. Biden is also pushing right on his agenda here. He wants to give incentives to the states to set up gun licensing programs. So, you can imagine the state’s adding licensure that doesn’t exist and making other licenses worse and harder and more difficult to simply purchase a gun and exercise your second amendment right. It is all part of the plan. And it is really treacherous.

Time code:  24:23

Biden wants to also see and I’ll quote from his plan “he wants to ensure that 100% of firearms sold in America are smart guns”. Well, I think any gun is already smarter than Joe Biden, but a smart gun national law means that the unproven technology that makes it so that you can only have one user to a gun and that it is electronic and the government can even turn it off if they want to. And you have all kinds of issues over reliability, the estimate now is at least 20% on smart gun technology will be a fail. That means, one out of five times when you’ve got to shoot the bad guy to save your life, your gun isn’t gonna work. And he wants to mandate that this smart gun technology is on every firearm sold – 100% is Joe Biden’s position. So he’s gonna push that and that’s gonna make guns more expensive as well. And limit the markets. It’s outrageous!

Time code:  25:35

He wants to hold all adults accountable if you give minors access to firearms. Well, how do you take your kid target shooting? How do you take your kid hunting? I mean, think about how do we have the target shooting teams and all these Boy Scouts using .22s.  Oh no, no – he wants legislation holding adults criminally and civilly liable, for directly or negligently, giving a minor access to firearms, regardless of whether the minor actually gains possession of it. So, speculation now will cost you your gun rights. And he wants to make that national law. Plus, he wants to require that every gunowner must safely store their firearms. Well, that sounds reasonable that you want to safely store your firearms. But that’s not really what he’s talking about. He’s talking about his mandatory storage requirements. Lock up your safety. So that, you know, you just want to ask that robber that’s in your house, you know, just wait a minute while I get my gun I got unlock it.  Yeah, that kind of ridiculous. Plus, it’s absolutely unconstitutional under Heller. Heller found that the DC storage laws were unconstitutional.  But unconstitutional laws, why would that stop Joe Biden, especially when he’s gonna pack the court? And that’s what he’s gonna do, pack the Supreme Court. So everything will be constitutional and upheld? Even though we know it isn’t.

Time code:  27:17

He is going to require a national reporting if a gun or weapon is lost or stolen. Now, some states have this requirement. But he wants to make it a national requirement. And of course, if it’s lost or stolen, and they can in any way blame you, you will then you’ll be prosecuted for it. So, what you have is a Fifth Amendment issue. You’re mandated to incriminate yourself so that you can be prosecuted. Who cares if the Fifth Amendment’s being violated, just another constitutional right being violated? This is Joe Biden. That’s all good, right? So there you go. He wants to stop ghost guns. Ooh, scary ghost guns. What is a ghost gun? Is that a gun that Casper carries? No, a ghost gun is another scary term to scare everybody about a gun you made for yourself. Well, guess what? Americans have been making guns for themselves since before we were a country. We’re allowed to make a gun for ourself. Federal law permits it. Some states have already banned it like New Jersey. But so what? It’s ridiculous, why can’t we make our own gun? Well, because then the government can’t control you, you see. And that’s really the rub, isn’t it? That they want to know who has the guns, where the guns are, so they can take the guns. And if there are ghosts guns out there that people have built themselves and the government is unaware of, they can’t take those guns you know. And that bothers them a lot when it comes to crushing our rights. Ghost guns are something that stands for freedom. And the fight is on.

Time code:  29:06

He wants to ban them and even wants to ban the electronic data, computer information on building guns, on making guns. So, if you have in your computer, a video or a digital file that allows you to run a 3d printer or a CNC machine, anything along those lines to make a gun, the mere possession of that information will be a criminal offense – a felony against you. They want to make firearm information that’s in a data form the equivalent of child pornography. That’s how bad it is. And Joe Biden is for it and states it proudly that he wants to do that. So, again, who cares about the First Amendment? We’re talking about Joe Biden – these amendments are just a pain in the ass. You know, we can just ignore them, especially after we pack the court. Who cares?

Time code:  30:19

So this is what they’re doing, you know, and the list goes on. They want the BATF to issue an annual report on firearm tracking. I’m sure there won’t be any bias in that. Then he wants to dedicate the brightest scientific minds to solving the gun violence public health epidemic. Now, why does he want to do that? Why does Biden want to, “solve the gun violence, public health epidemic”? Why? Because by making guns a national health issue, as the Democrats pursue nationalized health care, they can say: “Well, this is now a factor in healthcare.” And then your premiums can be raised when you are known as a gun owner. They can ask you about guns because it’s an “epidemic of gun violence”. And, so now your guns and your gun rights somehow become a medical health issue. And then you could even be denied care. Imagine that, because you’re a gun owner. So, this public health issue epidemic medical language surrounding guns, their gun ideas, this whole thing is yet another, another stab into the heart of our gun rights. And to put it so that the government can control us by way of our healthcare, and put it into this forum. And let me tell you something, I heard this idea years ago, when I was at a gun rights policy conference.

Time code:  32:20

We discovered in the conference was a guy named Josh Sugarman. I don’t know if you know, Josh Sugarman, but you should. He’s founder of the Violence Policy Center, and Joshua was one of the top thinkers on the anti-gun movement. He wrote what I call “The manifesto” on assault weapons and accessories. Essentially, he created, at least was the guy that promoted and made it work, the assault weapon issue. That guy was at our gun rights conference – this arch anti-gunner, you know, public enemy #1 for gun owners – and he was spotted there. It’s like, what is he doing at our conference? Right? We went to the folks that were running the conference and pointed out that Josh Sugarman was here. So what are we going to do? Some folks wanted to just kick him out – that this guy has no right to be here, let’s kick him out. Others said, you know, wouldn’t it be good if he spoke? We could hear from the other side. Wouldn’t that be interesting? So we gave him a choice – you can stay as long as you speak to us about what you want to do or you can get the hell out. And he said, No, I’ll be happy to tell you what I’m gonna do.

Time code:  33:43

And it was the best thing of the whole conference because Josh Sugarman got up there. And hilariously, people had stuck pro-gun stickers on his back; he didn’t even know it. So he walks up. He was kind of funny, but he gets up there. And what does he lay out? This is during the Clinton period – he lays out how with Hillary when she was pushing national health care, how they need to make guns a health issue. So they can wrap it into national health care, and take them out under all the powers that would be there under national health care. He laid out the plan then, knew it then, that’s what they wanted to do. And he said, I’m gonna get the doctors on our side; the pediatricians first, and he did. And they’ve been succeeding at this. And I heard it first from the lips of Josh Sugarman.

Time code:  34:32

Joe Biden is taking it now to the next level, and that’s what he’s doing. And it’s right in his game plan for the world to see. He wants to also prohibit federal funds used to train  educators on discharging firearms; he does not want teachers to learn how to properly use a firearm. Can you believe that he wants to stop training? If you’re a teacher, he doesn’t want you to know how to defend yourself or the kids? No way. He doesn’t want any funds for training. God forbid you’re actually trained. What kind of moronic crap is that? Doesn’t matter. Shut it down, make sure they are vulnerable. Make sure students are vulnerable, and make sure teachers don’t get trained – actually in his package.

Time code:  35:28

Also the “epidemic of suicides by firearms” – he has to address this. Okay, why are we talking about suicides at all? I’ll tell you. Because in most of America, where it’s not high crime, you don’t have a lot of murders and trying to sell gun control there, it’s tough. So, they have a new idea there, to hit the areas where they don’t have high murders. Suicides. We need to stop suicide, you see. And their idea to stop suicide is gun control. Gun Control, folks. And you know, it’s like, gee, we got to do a NICS check before I can go across the bridge, because I might jump off. Are we gonna have NICS check before I buy some rope?

Time code:  36:15

I mean, when does it end? There’s a million ways to kill yourself. But guns, guns are it, why? Just an excuse – instead of focusing on actual reasons for suicide, you know, helping people that have suicidal ideations or tendencies or something to get in to help but no, no, just want to take away the guns, you see. And again, another excuse, another venue to take and destroy our Second Amendment rights by making these claims. And so, that is Biden’s agenda. That is what lies in store for us.

Time code:  37:00

If President Trump does not get re-elected, and if we lose the Senate, and Biden wins, we will be in the fight for our very existence. They will then succeed in wiping out our gun rights because the picture is even bigger than these laws. And some of you say, well, hey, violate the Second Amendment, you know, that’s unconstitutional. Well, the Democrats have a plan. And it’s basically four things they’re going to do to completely transform our political situation.

Time code:  37:37

One is they’re going to get rid of the filibuster. The filibuster means that you need 60 votes in the Senate to get something passed, not just a majority of 51, but 60. And that gives the minority party power to stop laws from taking effect. Well, if the Democrats just get a majority in the Senate, they can get rid of the filibuster and then all it will take is a simple majority. If they keep the House and have the filibuster gone, they can pass any law they want. And Biden will sign it.

Time code:  38:11

Additionally, they want to pack the court, as we talked about. What does that mean? That means taking it from nine judges to probably 16 judges. So that Biden gets to appoint seven (7) super liberal activist judges to the court, and with the Senate controlled by the Dems, they will all get approved. And since the Constitution doesn’t restrict the number of judges or address it (even though we traditionally for years and years have had nine), they can increase it. FDR proposed it and it was called “a court packing scheme”. He wanted to do it when he was President. And it was highly controversial, and folks didn’t want it, even plenty of Democrats then didn’t want it, they thought it was wrong. And it was because he was getting bad Supreme Court decisions on his New Deal programs. And what happened was on one of the cases, when all this was going, one of the judges switched, and gave him a five, four victory. And once that happened, he kind of backed off the bad politics of court packing. And that was known as “the switch in time, that saved nine”. That’s actually what it was called. And that’s because it saved the nine judges.

Time code:  39:29

Well, the Democrats now don’t care about that – they’re gonna pack the court so that all of this will be upheld. The Second Amendment will be gutted by cases going against it by a liberal packed court. The other thing they want to do is they want to make Puerto Rico and Washington, DC states. You may say, well, what’s the problem with having new states? Well, if we have new states, they get legislators and each of those states get two (2) Senators, and they get representatives in the House. And that will give more liberal Senators, left-wing Democrat Senators and Reps to further solidify their power in the two houses of our legislature. And then finally, what they want to do is get rid of the Electoral College. And you may say, you know, why do we need the Electoral College? Shouldn’t it just be a majority, the majority vote, whoever wins it, gets it? No, our Founding Fathers, in case you didn’t know, they were really smart. They knew that if you had majority, you had the tyranny of the majority rule. Then only the urban centers would be the ones determining the fate of the nation. And it will mean that red states in the country, in flyover country, and all the parts of America where it’s not high population, but large geographic areas, they’ll be gutted from having the power of the choice of who is to lead our country. And essentially, our Presidents will be picked by a combination of Los Angeles and New York City. And so getting rid of the Electoral College is a really bad idea.

Time code:  41:22

And you see, folks, when you combine their plans, (these things I’m talking about have been openly stated by them that this is what they want to do) and combine it with Joe Biden’s atrocious destruction of the Second Amendment and our gun rights, I think you see how important it is to get out and Vote to re-elect President Trump. And to frankly, vote the Republican ticket so that we can have some kind of firewall against this insanity. So, what I would like you to do, other than voting, which is of course critical, but how about keep a fellow gun owner from becoming a law-abiding criminal? Tell them to listen to Gun Lawyer™ radio, and to visit our website at gun dot lawyer. This is Evan Nappen, reminding you that gun laws don’t protect honest citizens from criminals. They protect criminals from honest citizens.

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