Episode 7 Why I Oppose Gun Safety

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Gun Lawyer Season 1 Episode 7 – Transcript

Why I Oppose Gun Safety


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Evan Nappen

Evan Nappen  00:18

Hey, I’m Evan Nappen, and welcome to Gun Lawyer. Today, I am going to make a statement. I’m going to make a statement that you may find even controversial, but I’m serious about this statement. And that is, I oppose gun safety. That’s right. You heard me. I oppose gun safety. I bet you’ve never heard anyone say that before. No less publicly, right. But I’ll tell you what, there’s a reason why I’m saying that I oppose gun safety, and I’m going to tell you why. It’s real important, because I believe by the time you and I are finished today having our conversation, you, too, will oppose gun safety.

Evan Nappen  01:08

You see, I wrote an article. This article is on our website at Gun.Lawyer, and you’re welcome to read this article. I think you’ll find it a fun read. It’s “101 reasons Why I Oppose Gun Safety.” Now, I’m not gonna sit here and just read you 101 reasons, but I am going to talk about this subject, because it’s incredibly important to our rights. It is incredibly important, that in order to protect our rights that you, too, oppose gun safety. Because we believe in the Second Amendment. We believe in our ability to keep and bear arms and to have firearms and to pass that on to generations. That’s why you must oppose gun safety. You may think, is Nappen off his rocker? What the heck is he talking about?

Evan Nappen  02:05

Well, let me explain something. You see gun safety, the term gun safety, has been hijacked by the anti-gunners. They get together in their think tanks funded by millions of dollars from Bloomberg, Gabby Giffords, and all the folks that hate us and want to take away our guns and rights. They put together real slick words that they decide will help sell their side. Frankly, selling gun control is tough, because any rational, reasonable person realizes that it’s a fool’s errand. Not only can it not be done, but also it has the opposite effect. But nonetheless, they scheme and part of it is word use. So, they decided (they being the antis) that from now on, they’re going to use the term “gun safety” when talking about gun laws. By calling it gun safety laws, they then can go about trying to pass everything and anything on their wish list in the name of “gun safety”.

Evan Nappen  03:26

So, I oppose gun safety when it’s been hijacked by the anti-Second Amendment lobby. And that’s what these people are, and that’s what they’ve done. You’ve got to make yourself aware because when you listen to the news, when you read articles, when you see things in the paper, you’ll see this term abused by the left. I oppose gun safety when it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s really set to attack and kill our firearm  freedoms. That’s what they’re doing. They’re concealing it – hiding it behind this term, “gun safety”. Gun safety has, in fact, become a dog whistle for the left. They will spout it, and you’ll hear the talking heads say it and you’ll see it. You’ll now become what is called “perceptually vigilant”.

Evan Nappen  04:37

Let me tell you about perceptual vigilance for a minute. Perceptual vigilance is where you suddenly are seeing something that you had not seen before, at least not consciously noticed. When I first heard about this term, perceptual vigilance, as a young teenager, I was with my dad. We would go to the flea market every Saturday. I loved it and treasured the wonderful time with my father going to the flea market. I looked forward to it. It was the most wonderful father/son time. We would drive about 40 minutes from the house, spend the day, and drive back.  I had a great bonding and wonderful time with my dad, and we talked about all kinds of things.

Evan Nappen  05:24

I had heard about this concept of perceptual vigilance. What it is, is, if you are pointed out about something, you then notice it, even though you never noticed it before. So, a good example might be, you get a Volkswagen Bug as a vehicle. Now you see them everywhere. Wow, at every turn you see them, right? Well, my father and I said, let’s try an experiment. What’s something we have no interest in? We’ve been to the flea market 100 times or more. What’s something we have no interest in? Well, it happened to be that my father and I had absolutely no interest in surfing. We figured surfing. Now, there’s nothing wrong with surfing, and if you love surfing, God bless you. It’s not about that – just that my dad and I were never interested in surfing in any way. So, I said, “Dad, have you ever seen a surfboard for sale at the flea market?” We both said no, we’ve never seen one. In all our travels, we never noticed a surfboard for sale at the flea market. So, I said, “We talked about surfboards today. Let’s see if this perceptual vigilance works. We must have seen 20 surfboards for sale at the flea market that day. That’s perceptual vigilance.

Evan Nappen  06:38

So, this is what will happen now when you hear the term “gun safety”. You’re gonna be perceptually vigilant now, and you’re gonna notice how they use it. You see, I oppose gun safety when it is a cover for politicians – politicians who are bought and paid for by Bloomberg and his anti-gun pals, and his anti-gun front groups. Yeah, you’ll see it, and these politicians will say we want gun safety laws – right, gun safety. I’m opposed to it when it’s used for propaganda. That’s what it’s all about. It’s the propaganda use of it. It’s really, really bad. I oppose it when the confiscation of honest citizens’ firearms is done in the name of gun safety. They abuse our rights, seize our property, attempt forfeiture all in this name of so-called gun safety. I really get upset when I see gun safety being used to turn honest citizens into criminals. They pass these laws, they put it in the name of gun safety, and what do we see? We see honest citizens turned into criminals. I’ve seen that for over 30 years, practicing gun law in one of the toughest anti-gun jurisdictions in the country. That is the Democratic People’s Republic of New Jersey, of course. They are infamous for how bad their gun laws are, but don’t worry, they’re all there for “gun safety” purposes.

Evan Nappen  08:31

I really can’t stand it when the NRA, the number one genuine gun safety organization, is attacked by those claiming to support gun safety. If they’re for gun safety, then the last group on earth you should be attacking is a group that trains 10s of thousands of honest citizens in the safe and proper use of firearms. I don’t see the Brady people or Moms Who Need Action. Oh, I’m sorry. It’s Moms Demand Action. Or Every Town for Stealing Your Guns. I mean Every Town for Gun Safety. I don’t see any of them. Don’t see them at all out there running, bona fide gun safety programs. They don’t even understand the mechanics of guns. How many times have you heard the anti-gunners say idiotic garbage just about the technical aspects of guns? They’re clueless. No less any ability to teach genuine gun safety. Come on. I really oppose gun safety when groups that claim to want gun safety have no gun safety training programs that actually teach the safe use of guns. This is why it’s hijacked folks.

Evan Nappen  10:12

I oppose gun safety when it’s used to ban semi-automatic rifles. You’ll hear – in the name of gun safety, we’ve got to ban assault firearms, which are really what? Modern sporting rifles, which are what? They’re not any more or less unsafe. Matter of fact, they’re very safe, and they’re made to be safe. The manufacturers have made sure that these firearms are safe because if they’re not safe, they will have serious product liability issues. It’s a lawful product they’re making, and they’re responsible for it. Yeah, you’ll hear claims – all in the name of gun safety. They’ll claim gun safety to ban semi-automatic shotguns in the name of gun safety and gun safety because they want to ban affordable handguns. What’s an affordable handgun? Well, the anti’s used to call  affordable handguns “Saturday Night Specials”. “Saturday Night Special” was a big push before they hit on the assault weapon ban issue. It was all about handguns – cheap handguns, Saturday Night Specials. They’re the ones that got to go, cause with cheap gun a criminal could use, right? Well, we shouldn’t create economic class warfare. Somebody who can’t afford an expensive handgun should still be able to have a handgun to defend themselves. Economics shouldn’t be an issue for defending one’s life.

Evan Nappen  12:04

The whole issue with Saturday Night Special is really focused, and you’ll never hear the media talk about the history of the term “Saturday Night Special.” You won’t hear them talk about this, but I’ll tell you. If you research down “Saturday Night Special”, there’s a fine article by a fellow named Briggs in the public journal, it actually traces back to a racist term. The racist term was N word “Saturday Night Special”. It’s what they called it. And they call the N word, the N town. So, it was an “N Town Saturday Night Special” and that was the gun that the N word people would use. So, that is the racist roots of the very term “Saturday Night Special”. Even Robert Sherrilll in his book (and he’s a left wing anti-gun guy) called The Saturday Night Special, admitted that the laws that were passed, the ’68 Gun Control Act, to stop so-called Saturday Night Specials were not passed to control guns, but passed to control blacks. That’s what it was about. With the riots going on and other things, they wanted to stop these guns. The impact of the ban on the import of less expensive handguns, you know, what that created? That created, actually, more lethality in the street – oddly, and interestingly.  Because now, you couldn’t have .22s and .25s. Instead, what you had was guns made here that were larger, more lethal calibers. Criminals are still going to get guns. Do you think this stopped criminals from getting guns? No, and when they couldn’t get handguns, then they sawed off shotguns, even more deadly, and sawed-off rifles. So, what you actually saw was increased lethality from the so-called ’68 ban on Saturday Night Specials. I’ll tell you; you don’t hear them called Saturday Night Specials anymore, do you? Because the racist routes have been identified. Now what are they? Cheap guns or junk guns. Hey, we’ll talk more about why we need to oppose gun safety when we get back from the break. Talk to you then.

Evan Nappen  14:52

For over 30 years, Attorney Evan Nappen has seen what rotten laws do to good people. That’s why he’s dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of America’s gun owners. A fearsome courtroom litigator fighting for rights, justice and freedom. An unrelenting gun rights spokesman tearing away at anti-gun propaganda to expose the truth. Author of six best-selling books on gun rights, including Nappen on Gun Law, a bright orange gun law Bible that sits atop the desk of virtually every lawyer, police chief, firearms dealer, and savvy gun owner. That’s what made Evan Nappen America’s Gun Lawyer. Gun laws are designed to make you a criminal. Don’t become the innocent victim of a vicious anti-gun legal system. This is the guy you want on your side. Keep his name and number in your wallet and hope you never have to use it. But if you live, work, or travel with a firearm, the deck is already stacked against you. You can find him on the web at EvanNappen.com or follow the link on the Gun.Lawyer resource page. Evan Nappen – America’s Gun Lawyer.


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Evan Nappen  16:23

Hey, welcome back. I’m Evan Nappen, and I’m really glad that you’re hanging out with me. We can pay attention here to the propaganda techniques of the anti-gun left and understand why we all need to oppose gun safety as promoted by the anti-gun left. Now let me just be really clear, I’m not against bona fide gun safety. I’m 100% for it, and  I’m a Certified Instructor even. That’s not what I’m talking about today.

Evan Nappen  16:52

I want to drive home, get it in our minds clear as a bell, that when you hear this nonsense from the anti-gunners, not to buy into it, not to accept it, to point it out and to recognize it. They’ll use “gun safety”. They’ll say hey, gun safety, we’ve got to ban so- called high capacity magazines. You mean standard capacity magazines? And what does this do? All this does is put you at a disadvantage with a criminal, who, of course, is not gonna care about any magazine limitation. It’s an absurdity. Why do you have to have two 10 round mags instead of one 20 round mag? I mean this is absurd. We’ve got to force a reload on an honest citizen. I mean, why? It’s ridiculous. All it does is favor the bad guys, and we don’t want that. We want our ability to defend ourselves, and it’s not about intrinsically evil items. No magazine is intrinsically evil. No gun is intrinsically evil. It has to do with the person. The person is either an honest, law-abiding person or not. And if they’re not, then that is on the person. But the last thing we want to do is put the honest citizen at a disadvantage. Yet that is always what happens. In New Jersey it’s even worse because the honest citizen gets turned into a criminal over their desire to lawfully possess firearms and exercise their second amendment rights.

Evan Nappen  18:32

You know, I oppose gun safety when it’s used to ban homemade firearms. There’s something here about homemade firearm. You’re allowed under Federal law to make your own firearm. That’s been an American tradition since before the revolution. Oh, but now we’ll use another propaganda term, “ghost guns”. Ooh, scary. Scare the people. Everybody’s scared of ghosts. So, they’ll be scared of a ghost gun, and we need to ban ghost guns in the name of gun safety. Of course. That’s why I oppose it, and you need to as well.

Evan Nappen  19:11

They’ll say gun safety is the reason we need to ban cop killer bullets. Cop killer bullets -for gun safety and the lives of police. Well, I don’t want police lives to be in danger. I sure don’t. Of course, the ones that endanger police lives are the extremists on the left, and they want to defund them and everything else. But the funny thing about cop killer bullets is they’ve never killed a cop. Not one example of a cop being killed by a so- called cop killer bullet because it can “penetrate a vest”. Let me tell you folks, just about any centerfire rifle round on the market will blow through a vest. Any of them. What is this really about? Again, any way they can encroach, any way they can get on us. This is what they do in the name of gun safety. This is what we face.

Evan Nappen  20:05

Hey, look, they are saying for gun safety, we want to ban concealed carry. We sure don’t want to have reciprocity because of gun safety. People carrying guns. Well, we got to stop people from carrying guns. Why? Because of gun safety, of course. This what you see, use it in every way. They even used “gun safety” to oppose a Supreme Court nominee. You know, because hey, what was Amy Coney Barrett, what was she? One of her best decisions, the one she admired most, the one she submitted as her best and most proud dissent, was her dissent in a gun case. She made it clear why Second Amendment rights shouldn’t be forfeited by somebody who was convicted of a crime having to do with allegations of a bad shoe insert. I mean, come on. It wasn’t violent. There’s nothing. It doesn’t matter. And they’re “gun safety” and felons are dangerous. This is the stuff. I mean, look, “gun safety”.

Evan Nappen  21:21

That’s what’s the argument to create arbitrary and secret disqualification categories? You know, like the “No Fly List” or the “Terrorist Watch List”. You don’t even know how your name gets on there; no less how to remove it. Oh, but in the name of “gun safety”. These people can’t have guns. You know, gun safety. How about mandating trigger locks? Even that’s in the name of gun safety? What can be safer than a lock on a gun? Come on? It’s gun safety. Well, let me tell you, there may be occasions why you want to put a trigger lock on your gun, and there may be occasions when you don’t want to put a trigger lock on your gun. But when you make it mandatory, you require everyone to lock up their genuine safety. You require them to get their ability to defend themselves locked up; you make it less safe. You make it less safe. Folks sometimes say, “Well, what do you need to have a gun handy for? Why would you want that? That’s dangerous. It’s not safe” Well, it is very safe.

Evan Nappen  22:33

You know, a great analogy to why you want to have a gun is the same reason why you want to have a fire extinguisher. Expecting to have a fire? Do you think you’re gonna be burning up in a short time anytime? Probably not. Why do you have one? In case you need it. Right? Because what is that? You would rather have a fire extinguisher and never need it than need a fire extinguisher and not have one, right? Well, that’s exactly what it is with guns. What makes us safe? Fire extinguishers can help make you safe from fire. What do guns make you safe? Guns help make you safe when you need to defend yourself. Yet, in the name of “gun safety”, the anti-gun propaganda use of the term gun safety, they don’t want you to have access to that firearm when you need it. That’s wrong and it’s frankly, evil.

Evan Nappen  23:33

If you look at history with gun registration, there’s four words that explain it. The first word is legislation. Then you get registration from the legislation. Then from registration, you get confiscation. And then, as history shows, after the confiscation, comes extermination. So, remember those words: legislation, registration, confiscation, extermination. That’s why we don’t want to justify registration with so-called “gun safety”. Nothing could be more unsafe for humanity than that.

Evan Nappen  23:33

You’ll hear them use the term “gun safety” to justify relinquishing someone’s firearms – taking their guns, seizing their guns, putting them through enormous legal procedures to even get their guns back. All because of “gun safety”. We’ve got to beware of that and make sure for gun safety. They’ll justify registration of guns under “gun safety”. Somehow that’s a gun safety measure that the government has a list of who has what guns. What does that list do? Makes it easy to confiscate which is their next step. If you have any questions about registration, sometimes people say “well, we register our cars. Why don’t we register our guns?” Well, for the most part, you don’t hear about folks wanting to ban your car. Although that is happening in California. As you know, the certain cars they do want to ban. But for the most part, it’s not a massive movement to seize your car and crush it and destroy it. But there sure is with guns.

Evan Nappen  25:27

You know, I oppose gun safety when it’s used to impose a waiting period, a waiting period to purchase even ammunition no less guns. Look, folks, it’s really simple. Criminals don’t wait. Criminals don’t wait. If you make the honest citizen wait, and again, what do you do? You create a disadvantage for the law-abiding and an advantage for the wrongdoers. That’s nothing to do with safety, but they’ll call it gun safety. You bet they will.

Evan Nappen  26:03

I’ll tell you what else. I oppose gun safety when it’s used to have medical doctors ask whether you have a gun in your house, oh, my God, gun in your house. I never realized that doctors were all firearm experts and all certified trainers. I mean, it really must be astounding. No, but they’ll ask you whether you have “a gun in your house”. And that’s outrageous. It’s none of their business, and it has nothing to do with the practice of medicine. But it has a lot to do with getting your name in a record as a gun possessor. A record that can make its way to insurance companies and a record that may lead to issues regarding your own coverage or their ability to confiscate. Oh, all in the name of gun safety. The doctor is just concerned about gun safety. This is why we have to ask. Yeah, well, the idea that your medical records are private, that’s a joke. We see it in New Jersey all the time. They are constantly bringing in and allowing medical records to come in. There’s no privacy there. Don’t fool yourself.

Evan Nappen  27:19

I remember, not too long ago, I was at a gun rights seminar, and arch anti-gunner, Josh Sugarman, was there. He was asked about this, and he made it crystal clear that they wanted to correlate guns with a public health epidemic. So that way with national health care, they could go after guns. Hey, all in the name of gun safety. I’ll tell you why else I oppose gun safety – when it’s used to hold manufacturers liable for the acts of third parties. They want to remove the lawful commerce act which gives protection so that manufacturers can’t be sued in this idea that the anti-gunners have to litigate them out of existence for the acts of third parties. We’re not talking about a gun manufacturer that makes a defective product. That’s a different story and that’s not covered.  But rather a manufacturer who makes a perfectly fine operable firearm that some criminal abuses, and then they try to hold the manufacturer liable for that. That’s outrageous. We see gun safety used to uphold arbitrary denials of gun licenses. In the name of this hijacked term, gun safety. Gun safety is used, and I opposed when it’s used by social media, to de-platform Second Amendment advocates and firearm information and anything about guns. You see, “we got to not allow that, all in the name of gun safety. Again, this hijacked propaganda term by the left.

Evan Nappen  29:18

I oppose gun safety when it’s used by anti-gun rights advocates to immediately politicize a so-called mass shooting. Some mass shooting occurs, and the anti-gunners can’t wait to do a blood dance in the victims. They’re on it so fast, and they’re all “we need to pass laws in the name of gun safety”. They do their blood dance all about “gun safety” – their hijacked term that I fiercely oppose them using. We can’t let them get away with it. They’ll use gun safety to justify excessive taxation on firearms and ammunition. They’ll talk about gun safety and say to you, “real men don’t own guns.” Oh, now it has to be your manhood at issue somehow. They love to throw that around. You know,”If you were really a man, you wouldn’t need a gun”. Gun safety – they’re so dangerous, and this is used again in their propaganda efforts.

Evan Nappen  30:36

Tell you what else they use gun safety for. They use it to discriminate. They use gun safety to discriminate against gun purchasers based on sexual orientation. I’ve seen it. “Why does a woman need a gun? They’re dangerous.” Gun safety to discriminate on race. I’ve seen that many times. Or discriminate on a physical disability? So, what if you have a physical disability? Why does that make you unsafe? It doesn’t. I know blind people that want to have guns, why not? They can still appreciate them; doesn’t mean they’re going to be dangerous because they have them. You know, this is outrageous, but it’s in the name of “gun safety”. We got to stop these people from having it. So, it’s always these people, right, whatever that means. Same with discriminating regarding religious beliefs. I’ve had cases with,”That person is a Jesus Freak.” I’ve seen it all in the practice. These arbitrary decisions based on “gun safety” by issuing authorities that go against individuals that are freely exercising their other Constitutional rights. It’s outrageous and wrong. That’s why we need to oppose gun safety.

Evan Nappen  32:00

We oppose it when it is utilized as the excuse for Executive Action, meaning by the President. We see the Harris/Biden team there; what do they say, “We’re gonna put Executive Orders in right away to take guns, seize guns, all kinds of things in the first 100, and we’re going to do it. What are they going to say when they try to put these outrageous executive anti-gun orders in? It’s all going to be in the name of, you guessed it, “gun safety”. So, I want to tell you “gun safety” is something you need to be aware of and not fall for their trap. Now you know why you need to oppose “gun safety” and why I oppose gun safety. What we really support is genuine gun safety and proper training.

Evan Nappen  33:04

Keep a fellow gun owner from becoming a law-abiding criminal. Tell them to listen to Gun Lawyer radio. Visit our website at Gun.Lawyer. Hey, this is Evan Nappen reminding you that gun laws don’t protect honest citizens from criminals. They protect criminals from honest citizens. Till next time.


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