Charges Dismissed against NJ security armed guard

Injustice Reversed:

EATONTOWN, NJ – 3/13/20 The law firm of Evan F. Nappen, Attorney at Law PC is pleased to report that this morning we received notice from the New Jersey eCourts regarding Roosevelt Twyne’s matter informing: “Defendant’s case has been dismissed.”

Twyne had been charged with unlawful possession of hollow-point ammunition (Hornady Critical Duty) and unlawful transport of his handgun while driving home from work.

This was welcomed news for Mr. Twyne who has been suspended from his Armored Car Security Guard job since his arrest.  Mr. Twyne expressed his extreme gratitude in thanking all those who have supported and donated to his case, making his fight for justice possible.

Senior Associate Louis Nappen, Esq., added, “We now fight to get Mr. Twyne’s firearm returned, licenses protected, and reputation restored. This includes fighting the tinted windows motor vehicle offense, which is known to be used as a pretext excuse for motor vehicle stops.”

​Evan Nappen, Esq., stated, “His case has focused national attention on the injustice of New Jersey firearm laws. This highlights the need to reform New Jersey gun laws to stop turning honest citizens into criminals.”

It’s All About What’s Right

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Evan Nappen, Esq.

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