Episode 92- How Guns Can Help You WIN The Lottery 

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Gun Lawyer Episode 92


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Evan Nappen, Speaker 3

Evan Nappen 00:00

Hi, I’m Evan Nappen, and welcome to Gun Lawyer. Well, I have some exciting news that I want to share. And that is I won the Mega Millions lottery on July 26. That is absolutely true. I was able to pick four out of the five balls and the jackpot ball, and I won $66,000. Now, of course, I’m very happy about that. But the reason I’m talking about it on Gun Lawyer, other than I love bragging about it, is because I won it by picking Smith and Wesson revolver models. That’s right. I played my favorite Smith and Wesson model revolver numbers, and they paid off. Now, what’s interesting here and what I want to share with you, is a technique that I used to win. I’m going to explain to you what I did, so you can do it too. It enhances not only in one regard your odds of winning, although arguably you could say that would happen no matter what over this method. But I think it’s important to understand how that works. Most importantly, it increases the ability to hit the big payoff jackpots. Without a doubt. It makes payoffs, and it is a very cool technique. It’s a technique known as wheeled betting, wheeled. When I brought my tickets in to cash them, some person who had been at the lottery headquarters for many years, immediately recognized and said, oh, you did a wheeled bet. And I said, yep. She goes, boy, we haven’t seen one of those in a while. That’s great.

Evan Nappen 02:27

Let me explain how wheeled betting works. It’s really interesting. If you enjoy occasionally playing the Powerball and the Mega Millions and these other lottery games, especially when the jackpots are sky high. Now, of course, this Gun Lawyer episode, we will have known the results of the $1.28 billion jackpot. That hasn’t been drawn yet. But the last jackpot was the July 26, and that’s the one that I hit on using this technique. So, let me explain. The wheeled betting technique is something that has been used a lot, particularly at the track where individuals that like to bet the trifecta have been known to use this. As some of you may be aware, the trifecta is where you bet the three winners essentially of three horse races. You get the correct on the first race, you get a correct on the second race, and you nail it on the third race. If you do that and get all three races right, the payoff is much more substantial than if you had just made individual bets on individual races with all things being equal. I mean, you can always raise bets and everything, but this is the technique.

Evan Nappen 04:01

So, to understand it first from the Trifecta play is where I thought about this, and the wheeled bet technique. I applied it to the Mega Millions and to others of these games. Let’s say there are three Page – 2 – of 7

horse races, each with seven horses running and your trifecta that you’re betting on the first race. You’re betting horse number one to win. This is just to keep it easy. On the second race, you’re betting on horse number two to win. Now what you do is you buy your Trifecta ticket, and you bet horse number one for the first race, horse number two for the second race, and then horse number one for the third race. You then buy another ticket, and, on that ticket, you bet horse one for the first race, horse two for the second race, and horse two for the third race. On the next ticket, you bet horse one, second racehorse 2, and third face horse three. And what you do is you buy all seven horses as the winner of the third race. So, you’re buying seven Trifecta tickets, but each ticket has the third winner, a different horse. And what that means is that if you’re right in picking horse one and horse two, then you’re guaranteed the Trifecta, because you’ve played all seven. What’s cool about this technique is when you apply it to the lottery and to these Mega Ball and Powerball type deals, which is what I did, you can see what happens to the odds.

Evan Nappen 06:02

Let’s take a look at the Mega Millions. The Mega Millions play board on the betting slip is 70 numbers in the first panel, and you have to pick five numbers out of 70 that you like. Then in the second panel on the on this single bet, you pick the jackpot bowl or the Mega Ball, and that is one to 25. So, what you do here is pick your five favorite numbers. In my case it was Smith and Wesson revolver model numbers in which I played Model 27 and 29. Of course, 27 being the premier 357 Magnum of the day that evolved from the ultimate Magnum known as the registered Magnum. I played the 29 which is the classic Dirty Harry gun, the .44 Magnum 29. I played the Model 60, the classic stainless J frame, snub nose .38. I played 63, which is one of my favorite .22 Kit gun in stainless. They’re just a wonderful plinker shooter .22 revolver that I’ve had many pleasurable hours shooting. Finally, this 66, the .357 stainless in the Model 66. My five numbers. I played those five numbers 25 times, and I purchased each jackpot ball for each of those bets. So, I had 25 tickets, all with the same five numbers, but each with a different jackpot ball.

Evan Nappen 08:10

Now let me explain the advantage here. If you look at the odds, which is right on the back of the ticket, you can see these for yourself. If you look at the odds, you’ll see that the odds of hitting five balls and the Mega Ball is 302 million to one, 302 million to one, which is extremely long odds to hit five balls and a Mega Ball. But to hit five balls, just to hit the five correct, but miss the Mega Ball, that’s one in 12 million. So, by making the bet the way I said, you’ve reduced your odds from one in 302 million to one and 12 million. Now granted, 12 million is still quite a long shot. But nowhere near as long a shot as 302 million. Then if you go down, you see the same principle apply to four balls and a Mega Ball. If you hit four balls and the Mega Ball, the payout is $10,000 and that is one in 931,000. The odds are one in 931,000. But to just get four balls without the Mega Ball, it is one in 38,000. That’s right one to 38,000. I’m rounding these numbers off but one to 38,000. So, the difference is essentially one in 900,000 versus one in 38,000.

Evan Nappen 09:16

Then you see how covering the entire field of the jackpot ball or essentially the third race, that’s your wheeled bet. So, what happened is I hit four out of the five drawn numbers. The only one that I missed was 27, unfortunately, which came up a seven. So, it had the seven in it, but it didn’t have the two in Page – 3 – of 7

front of it. Darn it. Otherwise, we would be having a different conversation right now. We may not be having any conversation right now, as a matter of fact, if I had hit that. The 27, unfortunately, didn’t come up, but I’m not complaining. We hit the four and because I had four and the Mega Ball, I got the four Mega Ball jackpot prize.

Evan Nappen 10:00

In addition to this, I purchased what is called the Megaplier. It’s a Megaplier. If you mark the Megaplier, you spend an extra dollar per bet. There are $2 bets, and the Megaplier is an extra buck, so that makes it three bucks. What the Megaplier does is there’s a separate ball that gets drawn and that determines the amount of the jackpot. It doesn’t include the super jackpot, the ultimate jackpot. But if you hit the Megaplier, then what happens is, it is increased by a multiple of whatever that ball comes up with. On my play the Megaplier ball came up three. So, that meant that the jackpots were worth three times their base value. The way it is calculated out is by making the play that I did, the grand total that I spent to do it at $3 per play for 25 plays, the grand total I spent was $75 on this bet. It paid off as follows: the four ball plus the Mega Ball was 10,000 times three, which was $30,000, just on that ball. Then the other 24 plays that I had all were five ball hits, and they normally pay $500. But because of the Megaplier, they paid $1500. And that was $36,000 on the 24 other drawers. So, the grand total of winning was $66,000 by doing and hitting on a wheeled bet. So, if any of you enjoy playing these games, of course, don’t go crazy doing this, but a little bit of fun is always there for dream. And look, I’m living proof that this can work. Because it did. Like I said, it would have been nice, it was one more ball. But again, $66,000 makes for a real, exciting experience. Then when you hit anything over the $600, you have to go to the Headquarters to cash it. That was an interesting experience. They were very great, excellent folks, there at the Lottery Commission. And that day, within 40 minutes or so, after doing some of the paperwork, they hand you the check. And so, this is just some interesting experiences that yours truly has had. If you want to try out the technique, I wish you the best of luck and look, if you hit that Mega jackpot, because you did a wheeled bet, remember your pal Evan here, okay? Send him a million bucks as appreciation when you hit those billion dollars. You know. Just say thanks for mentioning how to do that. I’d appreciate it. I’ll mention you on the show if you do that. How’s that? So, anyway, this is the deal. Folks, when we come back, right after the break, I have some really interesting letters and an update as to who the traitors are, who the Republican traitors were, that passed and made possible the passage of the Federal assault weapon ban in the House. We’ll be talking about all that and more. See you in a bit.

Evan Nappen 10:47

For over 30 years, Attorney Evan Nappen has seen what rotten laws do to good people. That’s why he’s dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of America’s gun owners. A fearsome courtroom litigator fighting for rights, justice, and freedom. An unrelenting gun rights spokesman tearing away at anti-gun propaganda to expose the truth. Author of six best-selling books on gun rights including Nappen on Gun Law, a bright orange gun law Bible that sits atop the desk of virtually every lawyer, police chief, firearms dealer, and savvy gun owner. That’s what made Evan Nappen America’s Gun Lawyer. Gun laws are designed to make you a criminal. Don’t become the innocent victim of a vicious anti-gun legal system. This is the guy you want on your side. Keep his name and number in your wallet and hope you never have to use it. But if you live, work, or travel with a firearm, the deck is already stacked against Page – 4 – of 7

you. You can find him on the web at EvanNappen.com or follow the link on the Gun Lawyer resource page. Evan Nappen – America’s Gun Lawyer.

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Evan Nappen 16:53

Hey, welcome back to Gun Lawyer, where you can learn how your Smith and Wesson Model guns can make you money. You can also get great information on the latest going on in the right to keep and bear arms, the gun culture, and the Second Amendment lifestyle. You may have heard the House passed the so-called Assault Weapon Ban. It wasn’t enough that we had one of these, and by the government’s own study, it was proven to be useless. Their own study. But that doesn’t stop Democrats and traitorous Republicans from passing the bill again. I mean, is that the very definition of insanity, right? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Evan Nappen 17:48

This is really disgusting, especially in the light of the Bruen decision, which makes it clear that the very thing they’re voting on is unconstitutional and will be found unconstitutional. So, anyone who voted for this is just blatantly violating their oath to uphold the Constitution, and it is nothing short of disgusting. But what really is disgusting, is when you see folks vote for it, who betray their party and their principles in doing so. These people are not brave. They’re not brave. They’re traitors. Unless you think traitors are brave. They’re traitors to the Constitution. They’re traitors to what we believe in. They are traitors to our right to keep and bear arms, and it is disgusting when they do this. Yet, they do it.

Evan Nappen 18:43

Who are the Republicans that voted for this? Let me make something clear. It was two Republicans. If these two Republicans did not vote for banning our rights to have our semi-automatic firearms, this would not have passed. It was strictly due to these rhinos doing this. Believe it or not, there were five Democrats that voted against it. That’s right. I’m not kidding. Five Democrats voted against it, and if these two rhinos did not cast their vote against the Second Amendment, then it would not have passed the House. So, who are the Republicans that stabbed us in the back? One is representative Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, and the other is Chris Jacobs of New York. These two Republicans joined with all the Democrats except five, to go against you and me and what we believe in and against, essentially the platform of the Republican Party. Yet, five Democrats and they deserve credit, five Democrats voted against it. As much as we can’t stand the Republicans that voted for it, I think we need to give credit to the five Democrats that voted against it.They were Henry Cuellar of Texas, Jared Golden of Maine, Vincente Gonzalez of Texas, Ron Kind of Wisconsin, and Kurt Schrader of Oregon. They all voted no, and they voted to defend the Second Amendment. I thank them and congratulate them for doing the right thing. So, this what we have to keep in mind.

Evan Nappen 20:59

Now, of course, the bill passing the House does not mean that it’s going to pass the Senate. I think the odds of it passing the Senate are extremely remote, but we have to be vigilant. And that’s because in Page – 5 – of 7

the Senate, with the filibuster, where 60 votes are needed to overcome and get cloture, I think it’s highly unlikely that they’re going to get 60 votes in the Senate. So, this bill should hopefully never get to Brandon’s desk, because he would sign it very quickly, as his puppet masters direct his hand to do so. So, we’re confident, though, that the Senate can hold the line for us. But we have to remain vigilant.

Evan Nappen 21:47

There is one very good thing about them doing this in the House. Anytime they pass any kind of ban like this, gun sales skyrocket. So, gun sales should really take off and give a nice boost to all the gun dealers that sell semi-automatic rifles and magazines. This will mean a lot more of these will sell and be out there in civilian hands, as the bill dies in the Senate, yet encourages so many more people to go out and get their semi auto. So, there is that silver lining to consider and that always makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile as well. Come November when the red wave hits and the House is secured in a majority of Republicans who support our Second Amendment Rights and Constitution. Hopefully this kind of stuff will be just put to bed and no longer the emergent threat that Democrats in the majority make it today.

Evan Nappen 23:07

I’ve received some interesting letters, and I always love to get the letters. So, let me read you some of these great letters. This is from, I’ll just say his name is Harry. Harry says, regarding magazine compliance. Now this is in New Jersey, but it says, hello. I have magazines that are blocked by the previous owner of one of my guns. The mag has a 17 round body and markings. The mags are blocked to 10 rounds, and epoxied. Gun shops say these magazines are illegal. And any round marking above 10 has to be permanently defaced. Is this true? What’s the process to block mags and make them compliant? I have a friend in PA who would block mags for me.

Evan Nappen 24:05

Okay, here’s the deal, folks. First of all, magazines that are permanently blocked to hold no more than 10 rounds are Jersey legal, but it has to be a permanent block. Not a temporary block. The fact that his mags are blocked with epoxy, now I haven’t examined them, and I haven’t looked at them, but normally an epoxy block that stops the magazine from exceeding 10 is normally pretty damn permanent because it’s epoxy. And that’s pretty strong. Now what some folks do, they’ll pin and epoxy or do other techniques, but the bottom line is it has to be permanent. If they’re readily restorable, then you could have trouble, but if they’re permanently blocked, then they are okay/ Dealers and gunsmiths routinely permanently blocked mags to be compliant in New Jersey, and it is acceptable. The interesting thing in this letter is this idea that the bodies can’t have markings. The claim that magazines can’t be marked as holding more, when in fact, they don’t hold more than 10 and it simply markings on the magazine, does that make it illegal? Well, the legal term for that, the term found in law for that idea, is called bullshit. Okay, that’s what it’s called. It doesn’t matter what the magazine says. It is what it does.

Evan Nappen 25:48

Magazines haven’t got, you know, woke, where they can identify as a 17-round mag, when in fact, they’re 10. They haven’t extended woke ideology yet to magazine identity. Okay, no, no. It’s not how it works. It’s what it actually is. It’s still fact based and not based on what it simply says. So, it doesn’t matter what it’s marked. As a matter of fact, if a magazine is part of a gun, which it arguably is, and if Page – 6 – of 7

you are removing markings, then arguably, that’s illegal to remove the markings because that’s defacing a firearm. Removing markings is not just serial numbers, but other markings all come under the possibility of being charged with a defaced firearm. You absolutely do not want to remove the markings. Doing so might arguably be illegal and a crime in and of itself, of defacing the mags. But you have to make sure your mags are permanently blocked to not hold more than 10.

Evan Nappen 26:58

Now, in terms of the mag issue, overall, your best bet is just to have factory 10 round mags. If you have factory 10 round mags, you don’t have to worry, there’s no question. And even more significant when we’re talking about magazines is that’s one of the cases, as we discussed in previous episodes, that were GVR (Grant, Vacate, Remand) by the U.S. Supreme Court. The New Jersey constitutional challenge to the Murphy magazine ban, certification was granted by the United States Supreme Court. The judgment was vacated in our favor by the United States Supreme Court and remanded back for further action and that is going on as we speak. I am extremely optimistic that the New Jersey magazine ban will be declared unconstitutional. Granted, it hasn’t happened yet, and it may take even longer than we anticipate. But we are in the game strong, extremely strong, on seeing the death and demise of the idiotic, standard capacity magazine ban that has been made law in New Jersey and put in place without any grandfathering and making possession of a mag over 10 rounds, a felony level offense, where you face up to 18 months in state prison. Just outrageous, draconian and insane. Hopefully we will be seeing the end of that.

Evan Nappen 28:38

Now another question here is from Bill and Bill says hi Evan. Under N.J.S. 2C:58-5, a person can buy an “assault firearm” if you meet the requirements when I get my New Jersey Permit to Carry and handgun. I still need to “no license shall be issued unless the court finds that the public safety and welfare so require.” Does Bruen address public health safety welfare so require requirement? This is an interesting question. One of the interesting outcomes of Bruen is, of course, making carry finally a reality for New Jerseyans because justifiable need is no longer valid. But in order to get an assault firearm license, New Jersey has under 58-5 what is called a license to possess and carry assault firearms and machine guns. They put them all in the same law. This law required, amongst other things, that before a person could get such a license, they first had to qualify to get a Permit to Carry. Of course, all the legislators were snickering to themselves knowing that getting a Permit to Carry was basically impossible anyway. Then they added that if you can do that, then you have to show that the court will somehow find that the public safety and welfare require you to have this license. Well, let me just say that standard is even more outrageous than the justifiable need standard that the court invalidated. So, frankly, the ability to apply and get an assault firearm carry and possess license is absolutely within the realm here of possibility. If individuals, after they get their carry license, apply to get it, and they try to say that this requirement applies, then you challenge the constitutionality of that. And I don’t see how under Bruen such an extreme and insane standard, where the public safety and welfare has to require you to have this, can in any way be sustained. But time will tell. I’m sure there’ll be cases challenging it. But the answer is, yeah, the entire gun law, its foundation, everything now is up for challenge, and the assault firearm license itself and that standard is ripe to challenge. And anyone that takes that on. I would greatly look forward to seeing that outcome. Page – 7 – of 7

Evan Nappen 31:45

Well, I want to thank all of you for being dedicated listeners. Please make sure you subscribe. Tell your friends to subscribe to Gun Lawyer. It’s available anywhere you can get a podcast we’re out there and easy to access and free. This lets us help people to learn and protect themselves. This is Evan Nappen reminding you that gun laws don’t protect honest citizens from criminals. It protects criminals from honest citizens.

Speaker 3 32:21

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