Episode 67- L2AL … Plus, President Hillary?

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Gun Lawyer Episode 67


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Evan Nappen, Speaker 3

Evan Nappen 00:18

Hello, Evan Nappen here, and welcome to Gun lawyer. So, L2AL. That’s my message today, L2AL. That stands for Living the Second Amendment Lifestyle. I’ve thought about this for a long time, actually, and this is one of the first times that I am sharing it publicly. I want to share it with my listeners because I think it’s something that many of us do and never put a label on it, frankly. But it’s interesting. Because when you live the Second Amendment lifestyle, when you L2AL, there are certain things that take place in your life, and how you live your life, how you guide yourself, and choices that you make. So, one of the basics right out of the box has to do with businesses that you support. If you L2AL, then you try your best to avoid anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment, anti- weapon businesses. Not only from a practical sense, because if you’re carrying your gun, you don’t want to go into these places that somehow hate you. But even more than that, it’s about giving them your business. A lot of these are big companies, but they have taken anti-gun stands. Look, I know some of these anti-gun companies, it’s impossible virtually to live without them. But I really try.

Evan Nappen 02:12

If I ever have a choice between a company that is anti-gun and has done anti-gun things versus a company that has at least remained neutral and more importantly, they are pro-gun, they have done great things and supported us, those are the companies when I am L2AL that I purposely support and other ones that I purposely avoid. This extends to even magazines, newspapers, authors of certain books, and movies. When there is anti-gun propaganda in a movie, when it is loaded with some anti-gun message, when the company itself is just blatantly anti-gun or the author is out to get our gun rights taken away, I try to avoid them. I really do.

Evan Nappen 03:23

Like watching TV. You have a choice of movies, and there’s a Stephen King movie. I refuse to have anything to do with Stephen King. He is a horrible anti-gunner. Look some of his stories I can appreciate, and I understand some great movies are made. But you know what; I am L2AL on it. I am not going to give him my time, my money or in any way try to benefit this person. It is just a personal individual choice. I see it in other businesses and entertainment that we frequent. It is really bad because on social media it’s really trying to have a voice. Yet a lot of these companies are so much against us. Same with banking. Those banks that went along with Operation Choke Point; trying to stop gun businesses, even financial services, places that won’t allow guns to be bought and sold even Page – 2 – of 6

though it’s a legitimate transaction. They won’t do the banking, credit card or financial transactions. I try to avoid them.

Evan Nappen 04:46

There are many celebrities that I just won’t have anything to do with. Singers of songs that are just horrible left anti-gun folks that I don’t even want to hear or listen to, or in any way, give any of my time and attention. I bet a lot of you think along these lines. Maybe not formally, maybe not even consciously. But something hits you and you say, oh, this guy was a real anti-gun jerk, and I’m not interested in this person or their product or their entertainment, whatever that may be. It becomes a lifestyle, part of how we live and what we do. I consciously try my best not to participate and that’s just on that one front.

Evan Nappen 05:44

Because L2AL is more than that. It also has to do with a mindset. It’s a mindset about defending yourself, about not being a victim, about being aware of your circumstances, about protecting yourself, about protecting your family, of not having a reliance completely on others. And in any way supporting a unilateral personal disarmament, or anybody else being disarmed, who’s otherwise an honest citizen. That attitude is part of L2AL as well. Being familiar with firearms, not just the guns themselves, but knowing and appreciating the rich heritage and history of owning firearms and other weapons for that matter. Of appreciating what our Second Amendment stands for and how many times through history, it has been shown to be so important to have that love for our rights. That’s part of that L2AL as well. Having that love, that dedication.

Evan Nappen 07:11

You know what else. Condemning, condemning anti-gun bigots and calling them out. Whether it’s in a small setting because you are at a party, and somebody says some anti-gun BS – just don’t politely let silence be acceptance. Speak up. I don’t mean get in a fistfight with a person but challenge their stupid statement. Do it in a nice way. Do it with a goal, even if you know you can’t convince them, but others around will hear and see. Hey, wait a minute, there are people that will stand up for the other side. There are people who believe in the rights, will stand up for them, and not let silence be the ability for these anti-gun bigots that just have an anti-gun bias to get away with what they are saying and doing. You have got to stand up and speak out.

Evan Nappen 08:21

Look, the very show that we are on now, Gun Lawyer, is part of my personal L2AL. I want to get the word out. I want to stand up for it. I want to live it. And so can you. These are the things that we do. Do you know what else is important? This may sound funny, but actually going out and doing some shooting. How many times we have our guns, and we love that we do have them. But actually, you need to take the time and go to the range. You need to take the time and clean your guns. You need to take your time, use them and train with them so that you can L2AL. Be ready, trained and careful and know safety.

Evan Nappen 09:16 Page – 3 – of 6

What works right into that? Well, educating others. That’s right even on a one-on-one basis. Whether it’s just with your kids, your spouse or friends at work, take people to the range. People who maybe are neutral or are curious about firearms and the 2A lifestyle but have never experienced it. Give them a chance. Take them to the range. Really. Bring an easy shooting gun. Don’t bring your high recoil impulse firearm, you know your 500 Smith. No, bring a nice .22, an easy shooting .22. Take this person who has never fired a gun and teach them the basics. Make sure they have the safety understanding and introduce them to what our passion and what our love is by actually experiencing the thrill and the fun. The pure enjoyment of exercising a Second Amendment right.

Evan Nappen 10:27

Not only do you need to do this for yourself, but also you need to do it for others. It makes a difference because those are the people that you influence, and then they influence others. This is how you get the word out. This is what protects our rights. Even though you are just one person doing it on a one-on-one level. With everyone who believes in the Second Amendment doing that, it really accumulates. Individual after individual who understands better what we are about with those that every day live L2AL. It really does.

Evan Nappen 11:11

It extends even to travel. There are specifically states that I try to avoid. I tell folks, if you can avoid driving through New Jersey and you have guns, do it. Do it. And other bad states that don’t respect the Second Amendment. Why would you give these states your business? Why would you give them the toll monies, the gas monies, the taxes that come from it? Why do that when all they do is pursue an anti-gun agenda, and when you have the ability to avoid it. That too, is part of the Second Amendment lifestyle. Avoiding those states. Do you know what else is important? Voting, you need to vote for the second amendment. You need to find out if the candidates support our Second Amendment rights or do not. I am sure many of you do that routinely. But that’s part of the lifestyle, that we’re standing vigilant and we’re supporting those in politics that stand for what we believe in. You got to do it. Your vote counts, and it matters. This, too, is a part of it.

Evan Nappen 12:27

When you take a look at how you live, and if you have this love of firearms and the Second Amendment, there’s just a great thing about living the Second Amendment lifestyle. You have a certain focus, a purpose, and a baseline. You see that when you weigh it against other freedoms as well and choices and things in your life, it helps guide you on a good path. Because when you appreciate your gun freedom, you appreciate other freedoms as well. When you appreciate not being interfered with by government, you appreciate non-government interference and other things as well. You have a point where you relate to it, and it may not even be your issues. It may not even be freedoms that you “care about” but you know what? You have a better understanding about it because you care about your own and you felt it, lived it, and recognized it. So, think about it, folks. Think about your own living of the Second Amendment lifestyle, how you L2AL in your life, and it is something to reflect on. When we come back, I have some great letters that listeners have sent, and we’ll talk about some fun stuff. See you in a bit.

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Evan Nappen 15:27

Hey, welcome back. So, I have gotten some great letters from listeners, and I love sharing listener’s letters. This is from Rich. I just want to mention before we get into it, part of living the Second Amendment lifestyle, is even listening to shows like Gun Lawyer, and I appreciate my listeners so much. Make sure you subscribe. It’s important that you do. Have your friends listen as well and have them subscribe. As these media giants try to shut us down, I am in the Facebook Gulag right now for political speech, and I can’t even post. Even with that we are still trying to use the tools that are out there, even though they are so heavily guarded in algorithms and shadow band and everything else and stopping free speech left and right. This is the place where we can get past that and that’s why I do it.

Evan Nappen 16:37

So anyway, Rich writes the following. He says, regarding California gun store closures and (Associate Justice Stephen) Breyer’s retiring effect on the New York Rifle and Pistol case. (New York Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen, Docket No. 20-843) Would love to hear your thoughts on whether this would be an idea for some New Jersey gun stores or ranges to go after? How do you feel about Breyer retiring? Will it affect the New York State rifle and pistol case coming up? Obviously dependent on when and who replaces him but still love to hear your thoughts. So, Rich is talking about what the California stores that the pandemic closures are unconstitutional to close the gun stores. Then they, of course, use the excuse of the pandemic to close gun stores and close them unreasonably when they were allowing other stores to operate. Especially when gun stores are the exercise of our actual Constitutional rights in action. To close those but to not close and to allow to remain open other stores that are not based and founded in a Constitutional right. It’s just outrageous.

Evan Nappen 18:03

But I think the question here is, what does this mean about the effect of Breyer? Chief? Not Chief, Justice Breyer. He’s not the Chief, Justice Roberts is. But of Justice Breyer’s retiring. Justice Breyer is not a pro-gun judge. He’s not a pro Second Amendment judge. He is basically a judge of the left. The Page – 5 – of 6

doctrines that he espouses seem to mirror quite well what the left stands for. So, his retirement during an administration that is Democrat, and with essentially, the Senate, though very, very close, able to get a 50 vote in a tiebreaker by the Democrats to getting a new judge appointed. What we are going to see, in a worst-case scenario, is a left wing, anti-gun judge replaced by another left wing, anti-gun judge. So, it’s really not significant in and of itself, as far as the vote count on the Court is concerned. It is always significant that a new justice is going to be serving, but not in terms of the political balance of the Supreme Court. The political balance will remain the same.

Evan Nappen 19:44

This is where President Trump was able to score the trifecta. He got three Supreme Court judges on the bench that were conservative. Most important and astounding was the replacement of a very left judge, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, with a conservative justice. By doing that, the balance was actually affected. The political balance in the favor of gun rights. So, we are now positioned for a decision on the New York State Rifle & Pistol club carry case. That carry case is going to determine the important issue of the application of the Second Amendment outside the home. Breyer is apparently going to finish his term, and we should see a decision before the end of this term. So, I think Breyer is still going to be part of this decision. Even if he wasn’t, the political balance isn’t affected.

Evan Nappen 21:04

I still believe we have a majority that actually read the Constitution, and understand the Second Amendment, and is going to rule accordingly. Now, to what degree that remains to be seen. I’m confident that we’re going to win, but it’s a question of how much and to what degree. Hopefully, at a minimum, the standards that are arbitrary, that are subjective, that are placed into gun licensing, such as New Jersey’s so-called justifiable need, other states that have good cause, or proper cause, or any of these things that are not objective criteria and are basically used as a tool to deny the exercise of our rights. Seeing those put. finally, in the trash can of history. And I expect, we will see that. We will see these anti-gun, anti-carry, anti-self-defense laws that have been abused by putting these conditional requirements into the ability to exercise our rights as being declared unconstitutional and void by the Supreme Court. This will have great impact, of course, across the board to other states.

Evan Nappen 22:44

Once the Supreme Court rules on this, I am sure we will see more cases building because the whole process is a process of incremental gains. It is highly unlikely we are ever going to see some clean sweep of a case that completely 100% wipes out all gun laws as we know it that intrude on our rights. Now, you are going to see it incrementally. It is the same way that we lost our rights over time incrementally is the same way that we have to gain them back. Each case that is a win for us, is another step forward, and I am confident we are going to go forward. Hopefully, we will go forward to a large degree. Breyer’s retirement, really, I don’t think impacts the current gun case that is before the United States Supreme Court.

Evan Nappen 23:48

Now, there are other impacts, though, that might be there from Breyer retiring. It has to do with who will be taking his place from a political perspective. Because there is speculation, again, nothing confirmed, just speculation, things tossed about, that the replacement for Justice Breyer might in fact be Kamala Page – 6 – of 6

Harris. The vice president who’s currently Vice President, could then be made a Supreme Court justice, which would be quite an honor. It is definitely not a step down from being Vice President. That would allow the Democrats, if you will, to get rid of Kamala Harris from the Vice Presidency, and then open up a vice presidential position in which President Biden can pick his new VP to fill the slot. Now this has been done before in history. When Spiro Agnew resigned from being Vice President due to his alleged tax issues, Nixon was able to appoint a new Vice President to fill his place. There was no election. They simply put in place a Gerald Ford as his Vice President. Then when Nixon resigned, Ford became president, and then Ford could appoint his own new Vice President.

Evan Nappen 25:40

So, here we have a situation where if Kamala Harris were to become a Supreme Court Justice, Biden could then appoint a new vice president. The speculation is that he would then appoint Hillary Clinton as his Vice President. Then, in a little bit, when Biden has finished a little more than two years of his term, he then can resign from the presidency due to mental health issues that he obviously has, or whatever reason, and by him getting out at that stage, Hillary would now become President of the United States. In the same way, Ford became president of the United States when Nixon left. Being that there is less than two years of Biden’s term, she would be able to complete that, and it would not count as one turn for her. She would then be eligible to run for two more presidential terms of four years each, on top of the less than two years that she had in the Biden chair. Then she will get to appoint her vice president to fill the vice presidency. The speculation there is that she will pick Michelle Obama.

Evan Nappen 27:10

So that in effect, by putting Kamala Harris in the Supreme Court, Hillary can become Vice President, Biden gets out, Hillary is President, Hillary can appoint Michelle Obama, and then you have the ticket in 2024, a Clinton/Obama ticket, running in 2024, who’s had a little bit less than two years of actually being in office given the advantage of being an incumbent. Now there is quite a political plan laid out there. I have no corroboration whatsoever for anything that I just told you. It’s just pure speculation and fun. But it is entirely possible. It’s something to think about if you need a nightmare scenario for some reason, but there you go. So, this is up for grabs and that’s the kind of impact that can happen politically when a Supreme Court justice is retiring. Hey, I just want to tell you, folks, this is Evan Nappen. I want to remind you to L2AL and that gun laws, they don’t protect honest citizens from criminals. They protect criminals from honest citizens.

Speaker 3 28:45

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