Episode 56–The Five Lights of Anti-Gun Propaganda

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Gun Lawyer Episode 56 Transcript


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Evan Nappen, Speaker 3

Evan Nappen 00:21

I’m Evan Nappen and welcome to Gun Lawyer. Today we are going to talk about the five lights of anti-gun propaganda. I don’t know how many of you are fans of Star Trek, but I know that myself and my brother grew up on this stuff, and it was always interesting to us. There was an episode called Chain of Command. If any of you know Star Trek, you may recall the Star Trek: Next Generation episode that aired I believe the sixth season. In this episode, which takes place in the 24th century, Jean-Luc Picard, who is the Captain of the Enterprise, ends up going on a covert mission, at which time he is captured by the Cardassians. The episode that is so amazing is the episode in which Picard, who is played by Patrick Stewart, is subjected to brutal torture and interrogation by his nemesis, who is a Cardassian, whose name in the show is Gul Madred, played by David Warner. As a matter of fact, you might recall seeing David Warner in another incredibly politically incorrect movie called the Iron Cross.

Evan Nappen 02:14

But anyway, the idea here is it is a test of wills between Picard and Madred. It is just a great episode because the episode is based upon the actions of the Soviets in the Gulags. Believe it or not, it was written, understanding what the Soviets did to their prisoners in the Gulag. It was not just a torture to get information, but they also wanted to break their political prisoners. What the Soviets did was they would hold up their hand, and they would say, how many fingers do you see? They would show four fingers, and they would torture and break the person until the person finally said they saw five, even though they were holding up four. In this episode, that’s what the idea is here; to break Picard and to get him to say there are five lights when there are actually four. He succeeds in never giving in, never saying there are five, no matter how bad or how tough. No matter what the torturers are doing to him, no matter what lies they are telling because he knows what the truth is, and he will not allow himself to say, and to in any way, put forward a lie.

Evan Nappen 04:00

You see, that’s what we deal with as gun owners all the time. Now, granted, we are not being tortured. At least most of us aren’t being tortured, physically, to accept the five lights that the anti-gun propagandists want us to believe. But let’s talk about some of the things that they are doing. Where they want us to say there are four lights when there’s only five. So right away, look at how the anti-gunners and their organizations promote so called Gun Safety. Yet their five lights of Gun Safety have nothing to do with gun safety, because they simply want the world to somehow believe that gun safety Page – 2 – of 6

is accomplished by anti-gun laws. So that gun safety no longer actually means the safe handling of firearms. Oh no, it is an excuse for every anti-gun law and restriction that they can come up with, and they put it under this banner of gun safety. Yet you will hear voices in the media, and you will hear this pounding from politicians that we need more gun safety laws. But you and I know, it’s nothing about safety. It’s not at all about safety. We cannot ever call their proposals, gun safety laws, or we are simply saying that there are five lights when we know damn, well, there are four. We cannot give in to their efforts to control us and break our wills, and this is what they do.

Evan Nappen 06:01

You’ll see them also constantly talk about how we have to do something about gun violence. Gun violence is this other catchphrase sprinkled around like salt in anything they propose. But the fact is that gun violence isn’t necessarily bad. Now you’ve been so propagandized by the media and the anti-gunners, you may be even seeing five lights over the term gun violence, but don’t take a step back and see the true four lights. That’s because gun violence can be neither good nor bad. Because gun violence can be used to save lives, and every day, it is used for that. When you fire your gun, that is violence, that’s gun violence. But if you’re justified in using deadly force to save your life, or the life of a third party, or to stop serious bodily injury or death, and you do that, under the laws of justification that we call self-defense, then that gun violence is not bad at all. That gun violence is damn good. Because it saved your life, and maybe the lives of your loved ones as well. So, again, don’t see the five lights of so-called gun violence. Call it out for what it is, and don’t let them get away with making our minds bend to their will.

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You’ll often see in the media, often portrayed and it’s often subliminal even, that guns are intrinsically bad. You’ll see news stories about crime that have nothing to do with guns. What are they showing on the TV screen? Guns. They’re constantly pounding away. Guns are bad in every movie that shows the mishandling of firearms and how they cause problems where it’s the movie characters in the plot that are not exercising actual true gun safety. That’s the problem. Oh, no, guns are bad. Then they scare people who have a gun in their home. They put this lie out that you are six times more likely to injure someone in the home. There is no basis for that. In fact, as any gun owner knows, having a firearm is a comfort. Having a firearm can protect you. Having a firearm gives you the ability. Many individuals that were able to arm themselves are able to protect themselves. Because as the old saying goes when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. So, who’s responsible for safety? You are. You are responsible for your own safety.

Evan Nappen 09:02

The five lights continue with the anti-gun efforts, and you’ll see this real award winner. Somehow the states that honor and respect the Second Amendment and have their gun laws being minimal, and in fact, maximizing liberty and freedom as it should be the case. You will hear the anti-Second Amendment states, the ones that have the really horrible gun laws, complain that somehow the states that respect the Second Amendment are causing high crime and “gun violence”, of course, in the anti-Second Amendment states. That, of course, is absurd on its face. And why is that? Because you never hear them say, well, wait a minute, if the states that are pro Second Amendment that have gun laws that enhance and protect our freedoms, shouldn’t the crime rates in those states be through the roof? Page – 3 – of 6

Oh, no, no. Those states historically have lower, substantially lower crime rates than the anti-gun states with a high crime. So, blaming guns for that is yet another five lights of anti-gun propaganda.

Evan Nappen 10:50

One of my favorites without a doubt, is that gun buybacks somehow work? Boy, what a five lights joke that is. Gun buybacks. First of all, the guns were not the government’s in the first place. So, they’re not buying back anything. But they are setting up to be a disposal point for people that have guns that they just don’t want. Now, of course, if you have guns you don’t want, you can sell them to a dealer or to somebody who does want them and most of the time make more money than any gun buyback will pay you. But of course, plenty of folks take all their old clunkers and junkers and turn them in for cash that they could never get from a dealer or an individual. Of course, these gun buybacks, what they do work at very well is allowing for “no questions asked”, so that crime guns can easily be disposed of by individuals. They do have that effect. But this is yet again putting the propaganda out that Gun Buybacks work, and you need to say that these buybacks are great and what a great job they’re doing. How well they did taking the guns off the street. When you say that, you are admitting that you are seeing five lights when there are only four. When we come back, we’ll talk more about the amazing five lights that the anti-gunners try to torture us and force us into believing.

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Hey folks, we’re back and I want to thank you all for listening to Gun Lawyer. It is our voice, and my ability to communicate with you in ways that the lamestream media and the tech gods and the social medias and such won’t let us do. As they algorithm us, shadow ban us, and put us in their cyber jails for speaking the truth. So, by listening to Gun Lawyer, we’re able to still have that voice, and I appreciate your subscribing to Gun Lawyer and having your friends do the same.

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So, back on the five lights. Here’s another one of my favorites. This is recently one of the more amazing five lights that they’re pushing, and that is the that the Second Amendment is racist. Oh, boy. The Second Amendment is racist. I mean, that is just absolute five lights if there ever was. The Second Amendment is the furthest thing from racist. It is the opposite. It’s the Second Amendment that empowers individuals and many minorities for that reason and basis that have been able to stop white supremacists. Stop them from doing their dirty deeds. The Second Amendment is for everyone. Your skin color, your creed, your sexual preference, your gender, none of these things have any issue under the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is for everyone. Everyone who chooses to exercise their Second Amendment is someone that I have something in common with, and that all of us as gun owners have something in common with. The exercise of our fundamental, God given, natural right to keep and bear arms and to defend ourselves and our families. It’s critical, it’s vital. It has been an important right, protected by our Constitution and a tradition that goes to the very founding of our country. You need to make sure you have your head wrapped around what the Second Amendment is. Because the Second Amendment does not give us any rights. None of the Constitution gives us any rights. No, no, no. It protects and guarantees our rights that preexist the Constitution. That’s what it does. Our right to keep and bear arms, our right to defend ourselves, our right to have those means to keep ourselves alive and uninjured. That is a right of being a human. That is a natural right. The Second Amendment is a protection and/or guarantee of those rights. And that guarantee is for all races, all creeds all colors, all sexual preferences, all genders, everyone. If you’re a person that is your right. The Second Amendment is not racist, and if you say that, then you are saying you see five lights.

Evan Nappen 17:56

You often hear the gun haters say, “gun laws save lives”. They don’t save lives at all. Those anti-gun laws don’t save lives. Anytime they try to make that case, it is completely contrived. But we sure know what does save lives, don’t we? We know what the four lights are. Guns themselves. That’s right. Guns can save your life. Guns can save a loved one’s life. Guns give us the ability to defend ourselves. To think that banning guns in some way saves lives, well, history will show you just how wrong you are. Sometimes that absolute wrong propaganda that five lights belief, leads to genocide after populations have been disarmed and their rights as humans to have weapons to defend themselves are removed under this five lights of gun laws and gun bans somehow saving lives.

Evan Nappen 19:09

That also blends into this other classic that “only the police should have guns”. You will hear antis say that. Although now with the anti-police movement, they have changed the five lights to “nobody should have guns, not even the police”. Before they used to try to sell it that it should only be “police and military”. But now, they don’t want anybody to have guns which is, of course, even worse than the idea as it ties into being anti-police is really the epitome of what the anti-gun movement was all about. You see originally, prior to the 60s, gun owners were huge supporters of law enforcement, and law enforcement and gun owners were very, very tight. You can read this in an article in Rolling Stone magazine, they put forward in an anti-gun piece, they said, look, we need to get the police on the anti-gun side. And it was a concerted effort to get police to be anti-gun. Now, the rank-and-file officers? Well, they were not going to have any part of that. They saw on the street how important an individual’s right to bear arms is. But you see, the political brass, the political chiefs, those chiefs that were more concerned with politics than actual rights? Well, those are the ones they could get on their side, on the Page – 5 – of 6

anti-gun side, and promote the anti-gun agenda. That caused division and split when you saw police being anti-gun owner.

Evan Nappen 20:58

Unfortunately, it corroded to some degree, the relationship that was so strong between gun owners and police. The police started to be viewed as adversaries of our Second Amendment rights instead of protectors of our Second Amendment rights, and the five lights crowd uses this to their advantage. We cannot fall for it. We have got to recognize the four lights and that is just how important the brave men and women in our law enforcement community are to us having a civilized society and a safe society. Our ownership as law-abiding citizens of firearms makes the job of an honest law enforcement officer safer, better, and more effective. We need to stay united and not fall for the five lights.

Evan Nappen 21:56

Another great one – no one needs an assault firearm. Oh, what do you need an assault firearm for? You don’t need 30 shots to kill a deer. You don’t need . . . okay, are you seeing the five lights, are you? Yeah. No way. You know that assault firearm is again with their propaganda term. It’s a perversion of Sturmgeweher, which was the original assault rifle. It was select fire, fully automatic and semi-automatic. And even with that, our semi autos that they try to put into this category have no distinction whatsoever of any significance in crime. It just doesn’t exist. New Jersey with their assault firearm ban, they go by offending features as to what makes a gun substantially identical. And what are these offending features that are so dangerous in the five lights crowd that you’ve got to accept? Because it’s part of New Jersey’s law. If you don’t accept it, you will be tortured through the judicial system. You will be incarcerated for up to 10 years with a minimum mandatory of three and a half years. If you have one of the five lights guns, one of the so-called assault firearms.

Evan Nappen 23:22

What are these offending features that are so deadly, that are so dangerous and so destructive to our society? I’ll tell you what they are. A pistol grip, a telescoping or folding stock, a bayonet mount. What’s that for? All the drive by bayonetings? I mean what? I don’t even know. Or whether it has a threaded barrel, like that has to do with anything? Or a flash suppressor or a grenade launcher. Boy, I know all of you are excited to go out grenade launching this weekend. So many of us have that wonderful accessory on all our guns. I mean this is just so absurd. Yet this is what they sell as somehow creating this danger. By the way, grenade launchers don’t do a thing. The issue is grenades, and we can’t have grenades. Okay, so that’s off the table. So, what good is a grenade launcher anyway, even if you had it on the gun, it’s useless without the grenade. But we can skip over that little detail because there’s five lights, five lights. Remember? Yeah. Well, they are not going to get us to give in. They are not going to break our will on these absurdities.

Evan Nappen 24:42

How about the magazine ban? By the way, just one note on the assault firearm. No one needs an assault firearm. You can see my article online. I wrote an article that was actually published in Harper’s Magazine called “101 Reasons Why You Need An Assault Firearm.” So, if you want to really get those four lights and clear vision, take a good look at what I wrote. But magazines somehow over 10 rounds are suddenly, magically transformed to being an incredible threat to public health, safety and welfare. Page – 6 – of 6

Just the epitome of danger when you have a magazine that can hold 11 rounds instead of 10. So much so that New Jersey made retroactively, with no grandfathering, anyone that had a magazine that had over 10 rounds, even with a firearm lawfully purchased before the law, a felony – 18 months in State Prison if you have that magazine that holds 11 rounds instead of 10, and they actively enforce this ban. As if there is some truth when there’s no truth. When it is again five lights – magazines over 10 rounds, really? Don’t let your mind and your will be broken by these anti-gun propagandists.

Evan Nappen 26:12

You see it again with “cop killer bullets”. Oh, cop killer bullets. There’s a five lights right there – cop killer bullets. There’s only one issue and problem with calling high penetration ammunition “cop killer bullets”. We are talking about the bullets that have been banned that are steel, Teflon coated, etc that are handgun high penetration. No cop has ever been killed by a cop killer bullet. So, other than that, it makes a lot of sense. Again, five lights – cop killer bullets, but no cop has ever been killed. Cop killer bullets. We are going to break you. Say it, as they torture us over our gun rights and incarcerate law-abiding citizens. Constantly hit us in the media with the five lights propaganda.

Evan Nappen 27:12

Then of course, one of the all-time award winners of the five lights is “gun free zones”. Hey, if we put up a sign that says, “Gun Free Zone”, that is going to stop anybody intent on doing harm with a gun, right? Gun Free Zone, man, pass those gun free zones. Look how effective all that is. Yeah, right. Another five lights on Gun Free Zones. Gun free zones should really be called victim disarmament zones. Gun free zones are where you are turned into someone who could be a potential defender into a victim because you better follow the Gun Free Zone or you can be criminally charged, prosecuted and forced to be a believer in five lights. But criminals, they’re not going to care about that Gun Free Zone. They don’t even care they’re going to commit crime with their guns. So, what does that have to do with any type of reality here? It’s just another absurdity of the propaganda that they force on us that permeates through the media. That makes it incredibly difficult when you want to speak to truth and make it clear. But I’ll tell you what? You watch that Star Trek episode with that magnificent performance by Patrick Stewart. At the very end, when they almost had him broke, but they didn’t break him, he said, there are four lights. That my friends, as gun owners and law-abiding citizens that love our Second Amendment rights. You have got to say the same thing. We don’t buy the five lights of the anti-gunners. There are four lights. We know what the truth is, and they’re not going to break us. Until next time, remember that gun laws don’t protect honest citizens from criminals. They protect criminals from honest citizens.

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