Episode 180-The TR50 is Jersey Legal?

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Gun Lawyer Episode 180

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Speaker 3, Evan Nappen
Evan Nappen 00:00
Hi. I’m Evan Nappen, and welcome to Gun Lawyer. So, today, I have an interesting question. Is the
Umarex TR50 Jersey legal? Now many of you may be saying what the hell is a Umarex TR50? Well, let
me tell you. A Umarex TR50 is a .50 caliber Home Defense Revolver. It is powered by CO2, and it has
11 Joules of power. Believe it or not, this self-defense revolver, which fires a .50 caliber projectile, is
available from Amazon. You can go to Amazon.com right now. They have them online there for $169
Evan Nappen 01:23
Now, what’s interesting about the TR50 is it’s really a new class, or maybe somewhat part of an existing
class, of self-defense air pistols. We’ve talked in the past about the Byrna gun, and the Byrna fires a .68
caliber round. The Byrna has been out there for a while, and we’ve discussed that before. So, I don’t
want to get into the burnout today of course, because you can go back to the old Gun Lawyer (Episode
171) on Byrna and learn all about Byrnas. But I think the TR50 is really interesting, and I’m going to go
through with you the New Jersey gun law and show you how this is actually wonderfully outside of most
of New Jersey gun law. And it is pretty cool.
Evan Nappen 02:23
This TR50 has plenty of videos online, and you can see how powerful the TR 50 is, especially with the
solid projectile. We’ll get into that in a little bit. But the revolver itself actually has a velocity of 450 feet
per second, and it is currently the most powerful defense revolver fired by air or CO2 out there. At least
that’s a claim by the advertising folks there. It can shoot various types of projectiles, anything from a
steel ball, a pepper ball, rubber ball, a nylon ball, and a shaped projectile. It uses just the standard 12g
Evan Nappen 03:17
The question is, what is this under Jersey law? Is it legal to have and what are the parameters to
having it? What are the parameters even on purchasing and owning it? This is where it gets really
fascinating. First of all, the revolver itself is similar in a way to the old Crosman 38T or the so-called
.357 they make, even though it’s a .177 pellet firing revolver. Many of you may be familiar with that old
Crosman revolver. It has little wheels that you push the pellets into, and you can switch out those
wheels. Well, the TR50 also utilizes wheels in a similar way, but it holds six .50 caliber balls instead of
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the .177 pellets. It is substantially more powerful than that Crosman pellet gun even though the
Crosman pellet gun is considered a firearm and a handgun under Jersey law. But as you will see, the
TR50 is not, and I’ll explain why.
Evan Nappen 04:30
The way to understand this revolver and how it applies to New Jersey law is very interesting because of
how they wrote New Jersey law. There was no such thing as a TR50 at the time. So, if we go to the
definitions of under New Jersey law, look at N.J.S. 2C:39-1. Let’s start with subsection f., which defines
what a firearm is. New Jersey defines a firearm as follows.
Evan Nappen 05:09
“f. ‘Firearm”‘means any handgun, rifle, shotgun, machine gun, automatic or semi-automatic rifle, or any
gun, device or instrument in the nature of a weapon from which may be fired or ejected any solid
projectable ball, slug, pellet, missile or bullet, or any gas, vapor or other noxious thing, by means of a
cartridge or shell or by the action of an explosive or the igniting of flammable or explosive substances.”
Evan Nappen 05:46
The TR50 does not fall under the first category because it’s not firing or ejecting a noxious thing by way
of an explosive or flammable or explosive substance. So, it doesn’t fit that category, but the second part
of the definition of firearm specifically applies to air guns. Listen to what it says next. “It shall also
include, without limitation, any firearm which is in the nature of an air gun, spring gun or pistol or other
weapon of a similar nature in which the propelling force is a spring, elastic band, carbon dioxide,
compressed or other gas or vapor, air or compressed air, or is ignited by compressed air, and ejecting
a bullet or missile smaller than three-eighths of an inch in diameter, with sufficient force to injure a
Evan Nappen 06:56
Now what we have with the TR50 is a projectile over three-eighths of an inch. It is half an inch. It’s .50
cal. so it does not fit the air gun definitional part of “firearm”. Therefore, it is not a firearm. It is not a
firearm by New Jersey’s definition. Now things that are not a firearm but are larger than a certain size
might be considered a destructive device, which is a separately prohibited weapon. Is the TR50 a
destructive device? For that definition, we go again to the definitions under N.J.S. 2C:39-1. Subsection
c. defines destructive device.
Evan Nappen 07:57
c. “Destructive device” means any device, instrument or object designed to explode or produce
uncontrolled combustion, including: (1) any explosive or incendiary bomb, mine or grenade;” So, that
doesn’t cover this. “(2) any rocket having a propellant charge of more than four ounces . . .” Doesn’t
cover it here. “or any missile having an explosive or incendiary charge of more than one-quarter of an
ounce;” Nope, that’s not here. Ah but (3) says, “any weapon capable of firing a projectile of a caliber
greater than 60 caliber, except a shotgun or shotgun ammunition generally recognized as suitable for
sporting purposes.” The next section says, (4) any Molotov cocktail or other device consisting of a
breakable container containing flammable liquid . . .” Then (5) any center-fire rifle that is capable of
firing a .50 BMG cartridge . . .” The only one that even arguably has any element of a TR50 would be
Page – 3 – of 9
the third section about a weapon capable of firing a projectile, but it has to be over 60, and the TR50 is
50. So, it’s not a firearm, and it is not a destructive device. The best it could be defined as is a weapon.
That’s right, a weapon.
Evan Nappen 09:34
Now, anything intended to be used as a weapon that could cause injury is essentially a weapon, but
weapons are only regulated in terms of being “other weapons”. Under N.J.S. 2C:39-5, which deals with
the unlawful possession of weapons, Subsection a., you’ll find “machine guns”. In Subsection b. is
“handguns”, and Subsection c. is “rifles and shotguns”. But it would be subsection d. that would
concern us the most because what Subsection d. says is “other weapons”.
Evan Nappen 10:13
“d. Other weapons. Any person who knowingly has in his possession any other weapon under
circumstances not manifestly appropriate for such lawful uses as it may have is guilty of a crime of the
fourth degree.” However, there is an exemption for Subsection d. other weapons, and the exemption is
in fact found in N.J.S. 2C:39-6e. which exempts the possession of “other weapons” in one’s home.
Furthermore, the possession statute itself does talk about possessing it under circumstances not
manifestly appropriate for such lawful uses, as it may have. And you see, this is where New Jersey gets
really weird. You can plainly possess a TR50 in your home. It’s not a regulated firearm. It’s not a
prohibited destructive device. You can order one right from Amazon. You can even order the
ammunition off Amazon. You can possess it in your home under the exemption for “other weapons”.
Evan Nappen 11:41
But what about carrying a TR50? Can you carry a TR50 outside your home for self-defense? Now I
know some of you may say, well, hey, my manifest lawful purpose is self-defense. And by golly, that’s a
lawful purpose if I ever heard of one, and why can’t I carry it? Well, that’s because New Jersey’s case
law on it doesn’t specifically say that’s okay. As a matter of fact, the current case law on it says that it’s
not okay. This is because of a line of case that we’ve also talked about when discussing tasers. And
that line of cases begins with a case called Kelly, which originally had somebody charged under this
statute with an “other weapon”. The Court said that someone who preemptively arms themselves for
self-defense is not a lawful purpose in New Jersey. Can you believe that? Arming yourself for lawful
self-defense is not a lawful purpose. Sorry, that doesn’t fly. They said that it was not an effective
defense that you could present if you were claiming you had this for self-defense. Plainly, this is
designed for self-defense.
Evan Nappen 13:09
But then along comes another case that happened after the Heller decision, which established that you
can have firearms and other weapons for self-defense in one’s home. So, the court, seeing the writing
on the wall in Montalvo where this person came up to the door with a machete in his hand. He wasn’t
using it to threaten or attack anyone. But he appeared in the door with a machete, and the police saw
this and said, aha, you’re possessing this weapon. You have it. He said look, I have it for self-defense.
Oh, that’s not allowed under Kelly and blah, blah. But guess what the court said? Nope. We’re going to
draw a new line, a new red line here. If you preemptively arm yourself for self-defense in your home,
then that’s okay. That itself exempts you from the statute because they recognize that preemptively
Page – 4 – of 9
arming oneself for self-defense in the home is a manifest, lawful purpose, a lawful purpose. But not
outside the home. Imagine that. Not outside the home.
Evan Nappen 14:11
Then along comes the Bruen decision that asks that very question. Do we have a right under the
Second Amendment for self-defense outside the home? Does it apply outside the home? Can we
defend ourselves outside the home? The answer was yes. And that’s what made “shall issue” carry
permits lawful in New Jersey. But you see, we don’t have a follow up case yet in New Jersey that says
yes. Preemptively arming oneself for self-defense outside the home with an “other weapon” is a
manifest lawful purpose. We don’t have a case that says that yet.
Evan Nappen 14:46
However, I strongly believe that should a challenge come in front of the Court that, under the Bruen
decision by the Supreme Court of the United States, they would have to expand it and say, yes, you do
have a right to self-defense outside the home. Therefore, you can carry other weapons outside the
home. But they haven’t said that yet, and I’m sure none of you want to be the test case. I’m sure a test
case is going to come along at some point. But until a test case comes along, I would not carry the
TR50 outside the home. I suspect at some point we will see such a decision. But until then, you can
possess it plainly in your home. It’s outside of those definitions, as I explained. There is an additional
exemption anyway to possess in your home, regardless of the “manifest lawful purpose”. So, that’s how
that works. I think it’s a very interesting tool for self-defense that is out in the market now and really
didn’t exist until recent times. If it fits somebody’s need for a self-defense weapon in the home, feel free.
Evan Nappen 16:05
You can also check out some really cool projectiles that are made for the TR50. I think one of the
coolest ones is known as the “devastator round.” Boy, I really wish they didn’t give those names to
these things. It’s not exactly helpful, but whatever. It’s pretty devastating what this round does. It is it’s a
sabot. A sabot round is a round that has the projectile encased in plastic or some other material that is
lighter weight and peels away from the main projectile. In this case, it’s a sabot round that has a steel
core round ball in it that would be somewhat smaller than .50 caliber itself, but not a whole lot smaller.
Maybe it’s .40 cal. or .45 cal., and it has the plastic material around it, which also gives it a better seal
as it is proceeding down the barrel. Then that plastic piece either falls off or is kind of relatively
irrelevant once it leaves the barrel because that steel core ball is what is going to have the impact.
Evan Nappen 17:30
As it says right on Amazon, you can read it, maximum impact and penetration, stabilized full metal
jacket bullet with steel core, that’s on the inside, effectively penetrate materials such as glass, plywood,
or thin sheet metal. The most powerful self-defense bullets on the market. Amazon sells them at the
moment for $49.95. I think it comes with . . . Does it say how many on here? Not sure. Maybe it’s 25 or
so. But, anyway, that is very interesting ammunition. You can see demos, of course, on the internet
about its use and the firing of it using a sabot round. You know, sabot actually comes from the French
meaning shoe. It is literally like a shoe, like when you put a shoe around your foot. So, you’re putting
this shoe around the bullet.
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Evan Nappen 18:33
You may have heard the word sabotage. To sabotage something. That comes from the Industrial
Revolution when the folks that were opposing the Industrial Revolution, particularly in France, would
take their shoe and throw it in the machinery, screwing up the gears and causing the machinery to
break down. Hence, it was sabotage. That’s the origin of the word sabotage. But sabot means shoe
and that’s a sabot round. There are even firearm rounds that use sabots. There are even huge artillery
rounds that use sabots. At one point, Remington had sabot .308s that fired out of a .308 with a sabot
.22 caliber round. Man, that thing went out of there, I think, at 4000 plus feet per second. Because the
projectile is so much lighter, but it’s still going to have the accuracy of the sabot itself. So, sabot rounds
themselves are interesting, and I thought you’d appreciate learning about the TR50.
Evan Nappen 19:45
Let me also mention that the state Association, the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs is
the gun rights organization for New Jersey. They are the premier gun rights organization. You know, I
talk about them a lot. They are a sponsor of the show, and I’m proud also to serve on the Board of the
Association. The Association is an umbrella organization of gun clubs throughout New Jersey, but they
have individual members also. They are the group in the courts currently litigating against the Carry
Killer bill, the so-called large capacity magazine ban, and the assault firearm ban. You know, the
pejorative political terms that the anti-gunners have been able to enact as actual legal terms, even
though they’re crap. Nonetheless, we’re fighting those things in the courts as we speak. They’re also
down in Trenton with a paid lobbyist to keep watching all the shenanigans going on there. So, become
a member of the Association. Even if you don’t live in New Jersey, you can join the Association
because New Jersey is on the forefront of the battle for our gun rights. Show your support and be part
of the solution. Check out anjrpc.org. That’s anjrpc.org.
Evan Nappen 21:09
And let me also mention my book, my labor of love,
Evan Nappen 21:11
Let me also mention our good friends at WeShoot. WeShoot is an indoor pistol range in Lakewood,
New Jersey, and they’re a fantastic indoor range. They are premiere. They are just wonderful people
there. I just love WeShoot, love everybody down there. They’re wonderful. When you go there, you’re
treated like family. Mention my name, and you’ll be treated like royalty. It’s really a great place and a
great resource right there in Lakewood, so easily accessible right off the parkway. You can check out
WeShoot at weshootusa.com. That’s their website, weshootusa.com. They have an excellent website,
beautiful photography, and they run all kinds of fun events. If you need training, if you need to get your
CCARE certificate so you can get your New Jersey shall issue carry license, they will help you do that.
That’s where I got mine, and you can get yours. They are first rate. You will not be sorry. So many of
the folks that have listened to me and gone there, tell me how much they love WeShoot, and I love
them, too. Make sure you go to WeShoot and give them your business. They are a stalwart defender of
the Second Amendment.
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Evan Nappen 22:29
I also want to my mention my book, my labor of love, the famous bible of New Jersey gun law, and it’s
called New Jersey Gun Law. It’s the 25th Anniversary Edition and is the guidebook that every New
Jersey gun owner needs in order to navigate the treacherous waters of New Jersey. I’ve specifically
designed it to be user friendly. It’s all in a question and answer format of 120 topics over 500 pages. It’ll
help keep you free and out of jail and not get disenfranchised of your gun rights, which New Jersey
loves to do. So, get the book. It’s a book that’s used by the New Jersey State Police. It’s used by law
enforcement all throughout New Jersey. It’s used by judges, attorneys, and most importantly, by 1000s
of gun owners just like yourself. They all rely on it. It is my calling in life to keep that book current, and
the way I do it is on the front cover, you’ll see a QR code. Just scan it with your phone, and you can
subscribe for free. That’s right, just like this show is free. The free subscription for the database, the
archive. You can get any of the updates anytime you want. Download them and put them with the book
so it keeps the book current. I’ll send you updates when there are law changes of any type going on in
Jersey, whether it’s Attorney General opinions, new laws, new cases, important things that you need to
know so you can stay legal in New Jersey. Go to EvanNappen.com and get your copy of the book, New
Jersey Gun Law.
Evan Nappen 24:06
Now I have here some interesting things I want to share with you. I have some tidbits here and there
and some good letters. So, let me tell you about something pretty cool. If you are an NRA member, if
you’re an NRA member, you just received protection from being prosecuted under the senile sock
puppet’s pistol brace ban. That’s right. Biden’s pistol brace ban that turned, you know, a million or more,
who knows how many, law-abiding gun owners into criminals overnight. That’s what they love to do.
Well, anyway, NRA just won a nice, preliminary injunction by a federal judge, U.S. District Judge Sam
A. Lindsay, who enjoined the federal agency from enforcing its rule, which reclassified pistol braced
guns. This injunction protects any NRA member who owns a braced gun from facing federal
prosecution. The court said compliance with the final rule is not discretionary, and NRA members face
severe penalties for their failure to comply with the final rule, as per Judge Lindsay. Accordingly, both
the final requirements for injunctive relief are satisfied because the threatened injury to NRA members
outweighs the threatened harm to the defendants and enforcement of the final rule under the
circumstances will not serve public interest.
Evan Nappen 24:09
So, NRA members are protected at the moment. Now, of course, it’s just a preliminary injunction and
unless the case takes a different turn, and the judge changes his mind, rules against us or something
changes on appeal, you never know. But it is an excellent win at the moment, and it indicates that
there’s a strong likelihood that this win will continue. Of course, other cases have protected the Firearm
Policy Coalition members and Gun Owners of America members. This is why it’s very important to
belong to the gun groups. Make sure you support the pro-gun groups, all of them, frankly. The
Association is currently litigating now and who knows where that will go. If you’re an Association
member, you’re going to know that you’re not only helping, but you yourself personally may get helped
if such a decision like this comes out, simply affecting Association members, who knows. So, here you
can see that it pays. It pays to be part of the groups that fight for your rights. And here, there is now
protection for NRA members. That’s a good thing. Congratulations to the NRA for achieving that.
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Evan Nappen 27:16
Here’s just a little tidbit that kind of makes me laugh, and I think you’ll enjoy it. But, you know, it is really
funny. This is from a BBC article. By the way, the article on the NRA, which was brought to my
attention, was from The Truth About Guns. It was written by Doug Howlett, and the article is called NRA
Members Receive “Get Out of Jail Free Card” for Guns with Pistol Braces. So, check them out. You
can read the whole article. (https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/nra-members-receive-get-out-of-jailfree-card-for-guns-with-pistol-braces/) When I read that article, I wanted to share the news with you.
And, you know, The Truth About Guns is great. These are great aggregate news services and
informational services that are out there helping get the word out to gun owners and such.
Evan Nappen 28:07
Now this other article I found is from the BBC, and what it says is, ready for this? Botswana threatens to
send 20,000 elephants to Germany. (https://www.bbc.com/news/world-68715164) Now let me just say
when I read this, I thought is this like an April Fool’s joke? You know, fake, but it’s not fake. It’s actually
real. Now why is Botswana threatening to send elephants to Germany? Well, what it says in the article
is earlier this year, Germany’s environmental ministry suggested there should be stricter limits on
importing trophies from hunting animals. Then it says Botswana’s President Mokgweetsi Masisi told
German media that this would only impoverish people in his country. Imagine that. Imagine having to
care about people. That would really be weird, wouldn’t it? Like really having to care about people? I
don’t know. Do they actually do that anymore?
Evan Nappen 29:00
President Masisi said elephant numbers have exploded as a result of conservation efforts and hunting
helps keep them in check. Can you believe that? Here’s a quote from the article. Germans should “live
together with the animals, in the way you are trying to tell us to.” Yeah, that’s pretty good. Mr. Masisi
said, this is no joke. He said that Botswana is home to a third of the world’s elephant population. The
elephant population is over 130,000. More than Botswana even has space for. 130,000 Elephants.
More than they have space for. The herds are damaging property, eating crops and trampling
residents, Mr. Masisi said. Botswana has previously given 8,000 elephants to Angola. That was nice of
them. They want to offer hundreds more to Mozambique, and they’d like to offer such a gift to
Germany, adding that they would not take no for an answer. Botswana ministry also, by the way,
threatened to send 10,000 elephants to London’s Hyde Park so the British people could have a taste of
living alongside them. This is just great. I love this. This is absolutely great.
Evan Nappen 30:23
They talk about how the money helps conservation efforts, the hunting money, and it helps local people
so they’re less likely to be tempted to even poach animals, you know, because wealthy folks pay a lot
to hunt elephants. They said, look, in some areas, there are more of these beasts than people. They’re
killing children who get in their path. They trample and eat farmers’ crops, leaving Africans hungry. So,
you know, the bunny hugging, I guess in this case, elephant hugging folks, are just outrageous and not
facing reality. They’re not living in these places having to deal with these horrible problems that they
have to deal with. Trying to impose their screwed up values on African countries is just wrong. I hope
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they do send 1000s of elephants to the UK and to Germany. That would be very interesting to say the
Evan Nappen 31:27
I received a letter here in the ask Evan, and I love all your letters. I appreciate it. This letter is from Bill,
and Bill says it’s regarding the gun free zone sign effectiveness. He said, I printed out the Attorney
General gun free zone sign and placed in my house to test the effectiveness of this sign. It turned out I
and several family members were able to walk right past that sign. I printed it out several times, and it
still didn’t work. It didn’t work. It’s amazing. How come that sign didn’t work? How come we didn’t freeze
in our tracks? How were you able to proceed with a firearm beyond that side? That’s amazing. That’s
good, Bill. I like your experiment there. I’m shocked to learn that. Bill goes on further and said is the
Attorney General’s free decal more effective? Maybe TSA can put up these stickers at the airport and
get rid of the body scanners and X ray machines to speed up boarding. Many other states have license
to carry holder reports, and it turns out that license holders are more law-abiding than the police. Yet,
police can carry guns everywhere and have scary large capacity magazines and assault firearms. But
permit to carry holders can’t.
Evan Nappen 32:53
Yeah, Bill, you point out some very valid points here. The absurdity of the gun laws, and the absurdity
of their solutions seems to know no bounds. I always thought about making up a sign, you know, for
your anti-gun neighbors. You should actually give them a sign that says, “No Firearms in This House,”
and say please put the sign in your front yard since you believe so strongly in it. I would really prefer it
that way. If someone’s targeting houses, they’ll know to hit your house and not mine. It’s great. So, it’s
kind of like, if you put a no firearms sign on your house or a no guns allowed, you’re basically setting
yourself up to get a Darwin Award. That’s what you’re doing.
Evan Nappen 33:46
Because even if you don’t want to be a gun owner at all, maybe you hate them, but at least the idea
that you might be armed and that bad guy doesn’t know it, should at least give them pause for thought
and some hesitation. But when you remove all doubt and show that you are a fool and that you make it
clear that you are defenseless, then you get what one would naturally expect would happen to
somebody like this. You know not having guns makes you defenseless. Nobody really should be
defenseless. It makes you harmless. I don’t want to be harmless. You don’t want to be harmless. You
want to be dangerous, actually. But you want to be able to control that completely and be able to use it
lawfully. So that in fact, what you become is a defender, and you are no longer someone who is
defenseless and harmless. But if you want to put a sign out saying that this is a defenseless place, then
that is what those signs accomplish. It is about as foolish, as foolish gets.
Evan Nappen 35:17
Hey, what about this week’s GOFU? What’s the Gun Owner Fuck Up of the week? Oh my gosh, did we
even have a Gun Owner Fuck Up of the week? Yes, we do. Yes, we do. Because every day, I hear
about new ones, and I have to sift through and decide which ones we’re going to talk about because
there’s so many of them, folks. This week’s GOFU goes as follows. New Jersey does not make a gift
causa mortis on a firearm legal. Now what is a gift causa mortis? Well, that is fancy legal talk for
Page – 9 – of 9
something given in contemplation of death. So, if somebody thinks they are going to pass soon, you
know, could be given a relative and they say, look, you know, I don’t know how much longer I have. I
want you to have my gun, and they just give you their gun. That is an unlawful transfer in Jersey.
Private sales are prohibited, folks. Private transfers are prohibited, folks.
Evan Nappen 36:31
Now amongst family members, you still need to do the paperwork. It doesn’t have to go through a
dealer if it’s between immediate family members, but you still have to do the paperwork. If a friend is
wanting to do a gift causa mortis of a gun to you, then it has to go through a dealer to do the paperwork
properly. So many times I hear, oh yeah, my grandfather gave me this. My father gave me this. And
often it was done in contemplation of death. Even if it wasn’t done in contemplation of death, you can’t
just give guns in Jersey. The only way you can get that firearm without any paper, without any license,
without any registration, without any problem, is upon the death of the person. If you are the heir or
beneficiary, then you can get the gun with no paperwork, license registration, as long as you’re not
otherwise disqualified to possess it. If you’re a convicted felon or some other disqualified person, then
the firearm has to go to the police and has to be sold. You can’t have it. As long as you’re not otherwise
disqualified, you don’t even need to be licensed. You inherit the gun with no paperwork, but you can’t
pre inherit it. You can’t get it prior to the person’s demise. So that is this week’s GOFU. This is, by the
way, Evan Nappen reminding you that gun laws don’t protect honest citizens from criminals. They
protect criminals from honest citizens.
Speaker 3 38:18
Gun Lawyer is a CounterThink Media production. The music used in this broadcast was managed by
Cosmo Music, New York, New York. Reach us by emailing Evan@gun.lawyer. The information and
opinions in this broadcast do not constitute legal advice. Consult a licensed attorney in your state.

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