Episode 166-The Top 10 Most Produced Guns In The World

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Gun Lawyer Episode 166


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Evan Nappen, Speaker 3

Evan Nappen 00:00

Hi. I’m Evan Nappen, and welcome to Gun Lawyer. Today we’re going to do a top 10 countdown. I guess at the end of the year, it’s traditional to do these top 10 countdowns, and we’re going to do it on something that we all love. We’re going to do it on guns. Now, I’m going to give you a chance even before I start this. We’re going to talk about the top 10 most produced gun models in the world. What are the top 10 gun models ever produced in the world? Now before we do the list, you right now ask yourself, what gun do you think is number one? What do you think is the most produced gun model ever in the world, of all world production firearms? What gun do you think is number one?

Evan Nappen 01:11

Let’s take a look at the top 10. And let me tell you where I’m getting this information from because it’s a really great article. It’s from an article from The Rock Island auction newsletter. (https://www.rockislandauction.com/riac-blog/most-produced-gun) So, if you don’t know Rock Island (Auction Company), they’re really cool. They got some beautiful guns. They do great auctions. They’re not a sponsor of the show or anything. I just happen to be an admirer of RIA, and I subscribed to their newsletter and it’s free. So, you may want to do the same. This article was in their newsletter, and I really got a kick out of it. It is entitled “Most Produced Gun Models”, and it’s written by Joe Engesser. I’m sorry, I’m screwing up his name, but Engesser. We’ll just call him Joe. But, anyway, Joe wrote this great article. Now he actually talks about 25 most, but I just want to do the top 10.

Evan Nappen 02:08

Let’s start with what gun is number 10 of the most produced models in the world. The number 10 spot is, believe it or not, folks, the Marlin Model 60. That’s right, the Marlin Model 60 .22. As you may know, Marlin billed it and sold it as the most popular .22 in the world. And in fact, it is. Yet that gun, for years and years, since May of 1990, until believe it or not the Murphy administration of all things, when they passed the magazine ban, when they lowered it from 15 to 10 rounds. So, they want to restrict the ability to defend ourselves because, you know, they don’t think your life’s worth more than 10 bullets. You know, sorry, that’s it. Your life’s worth only 10.Well, when they passed that, interestingly because the .22 Marlin Model 60 had been banned as an assault firearm, it was an embarrassing mistake for the anti-gunners. So, they actually, believe it or not, repealed tube fed .22s because I used to harp on them about the Marlin Model 60s. I would hold that up and say, this is an assault firearm in Jersey. You know, with the little squirrel logo in the grip. It’s an assault firearm in New Jersey. It was great because Page – 2 – of 8

it just showed how stupid it was. The law, of course, is still really stupid. But that one they just couldn’t take it anymore, I guess. They actually repealed the ban on the most popular .22 and a gun that makes the top 10 of all models ever produced in the world, the Marlin Model 60, and New Jersey banned it. That’s right, over 11 million Marlin Model 60s , 11 million Marlin Model 60s out there. This gun was introduced in 1960, and you know, it is currently out of production now. After all those years, it is now out of production, but it’s still one of the most common guns in the U.S.

Evan Nappen 04:35

So, what is number nine? Number nine in our countdown here is the Remington 870 shotgun. Boy, how many of us have had Remington or still have Remington 870s? And that gun, boy, what a classic of all classics? The 870 pump shotgun – 11 million plus, well over 11 million Remington 870s. It was introduced in 1950. I even have one of the old Remington 870s with a corn cob forearm. It is really cool with the 1950s corn cob on there. The guns are just workhorses. Wonderful, beautiful, great American classics. It is number nine on the list of most produced gun models in the world. But guess who beats that pump shotgun? Guess who beats the Remington 870? None other than the Mossberg 500. That’s right. The Mossberg 500 is over 12 million of that incredible shotgun. What a tough, reliable shotgun, the Mossberg 500 is. I have really put the Mossberg 500 through all kinds of torture testing, you know, just having fun and shooting it. They are tough, they last, they’re sturdy, and they work. Great design and a fun gun to shoot. You know, there are so many variations of that. From the sporting configurations to the combat type. Tactical type, shockwave type, chainsaw type. I love the chainsaw one. Persuaders, defenders, you name it. All those models of Mossberg 500s. The Mossberg 500 came into production in 1961. Yep, ’61 and over 12 million guns.

Evan Nappen 06:42

Guess what gun is number seven, folks? Number seven on our countdown is the SKS. That’s right, the SKS. It’s not an American made gun at all. It’s a Russian design. (Sergei Gavrilovich) Simonov designed that in 1943, and there’s over 15 million SKSs out there. They were made by the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Romania, Albania, North Vietnam, North Korea and East Germany. They all made variants, and some of them are quite collectible and quite desirable and hard to get. But China is far away the largest producer of SKSs, making over 10 million SKSs in just China alone. So, as popular as the SKS is in America, it’s a gun that’s not made in America. It never was, and yet it is number seven in world production. Wow. Impressive.

Evan Nappen 07:53

What’s number six? Ah, number six. The sun never sets on the British Empire, my friends. It is the Lee-Enfield. Seventeen million Lee-Enfields. The Lee-Enfield is the gun that helped build the British Empire. It’s a bolt action, and it was introduced in 1895. From the Second Boer War in 1899 to the Korean War, the Lee-Enfield served as that British standard, and they still use it today in limited service. What a great gun those Enfields are. I love my Enfields, and I’m sure you do if you own one as well. They’re one of the fastest firing bolt actions, too, by way of their design. But guess what beats the British Enfield? Number five on the list, believe it or not, beating out those guns including the Remington 870 and the Mossberg 500, is the Glock pistol. That’s right. Glock is over 21 million Glocks made, over 21 million. Gaston Glock just passed away this week. He was 94 years old. Talk about a man that changed the world. Think about what Gaston Glock did. He changed the world with his Page – 3 – of 8

wonderful pistol. The thing about Glocks, folks, they work. Some people don’t like them. A lot of people love them. I happen to love them. But hey, I get it. That’s why there are lots of guns for lots of people. It’s all good. But the one thing about a Glock is when you pull the trigger, it goes bang and that’s why I also have seen that the most accidental discharges are done with Glocks. There is no manual safety on a Glock. So, you better keep sharp when you have a Glock and stick to the rules of safety. Because when you pull the trigger on a Glock, it goes bang. It will do it whether you want it to or not. You better make sure you are paying attention. But what a great gun, what a reliable firearm it is indeed. It is number five in the most number of firearm models produced in the world.

Evan Nappen 10:31

Here we are at number four, and what is number four at 28 plus million? The AR-15. That’s right, Eugene Stoner and his design. I always like to say that the AR-15 was designed by a stoner, and sometimes people say what? But it was and that’s a fact. It was designed in 1961, and it entered into the civilian market in 1964 as the SP 1 Model AR-15 Sporter. Those are also highly collectible. If you get one of those SP1s, they’re neat. The mark of a new generation in modern sporting rifles and over 28 million produced. Used by, of course, our military and used around the world, and it is number four. It is also the most produced rifle model in America. Without a doubt. As a matter of fact, the National Shooting Sports Foundation estimates there are just under 20 million AR-15 rifles in circulation, and the production figures push it closer to 23 million. That’s a lot of guns there and that platform deservedly so. What about number three? We’re getting down on the countdown to the top three. The number three most produced in the world is the Mosin-Nagant Rifle. That’s right, the Russian Mosin-Nagant with its introduction in 1891. It is known as the Model M91/30, and they were made in Russia, of course. The Soviets produced lots of them. But did you also know that over 3 million of the Mosin-Nagants were manufactured in America? That’s right. American made by Remington and Westinghouse, two American manufacturers. They were also made in France, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Romania and China. A multitude of other nations manufactured variants of the Mosin. That makes it number 3 with 37 plus million Mosin-Nagants out there.

Evan Nappen 13:16

Okay, number two, and then we’re going to go to number one. I bet many of you may have guessed that number two was number one, but it’s not. The second most produced gun ever is the AK-47, the Kalashnikov. That’s right. Tere are over 76 million AKs out there, folks. Mostly, of course, they are produced in Russia, China, etc. There are quite a number of AKs with all the variants all around the world. It is quite a popular firearm. And I’m sure just about anyone can recognize that AK-47 silhouette. But what is, drumroll please, the number one most produced firearm ever in the world? I’ll tell you what it’s not. It’s not the 1911. Nope, some of you may have thought so. If you go to the gun store, you see lots of them. But nope, not the 1911. It didn’t even make the top 10. Didn’t make the top 10. What the heck is the number one most produced gun model? What is it? Folks, it’s the Mauser Model 98. That’s right. The Mauser 98. Over 100 million Mausers with that famous Mauser bolt action, almost perfection in design. Utilized even by our own Springfield bolt action rifle, utilized by sporting rifle manufacturers that lock up, that strong bolt action. Over 100 million manufactured between 1898 and 1945 when it was used, by course, the German army, right through both World War One and World War Two. That rifle is the winner. The number one most produced firearm model in the world. Page – 4 – of 8

Evan Nappen 15:54

So, it’s interesting to think about those guns. I know I own a number of them, and I bet you do, too. And how thankful we are for those great designs and those great guns. I know one of the great things about guns is having a place to shoot them. And that’s why we want to highly recommend that you check out WeShoot. WeShoot is an indoor pistol range in Lakewood, and it’s convenient, too. Right off the Parkway, easy to get to if you live in Monmouth, Middlesex, or Ocean Counties. As a matter of fact, with the range closing of Shooters there in South Jersey, well guess what? WeShoot is offering anybody that was a member of that range prior, WeShoot will honor your membership for the remainder of what you had at Shooters. That’s right, no extra charge. So, listen, if you’re upset because your range closed there, go to WeShoot, and they will honor it for you. You’ll see what a great facility they have. WeShoot has wonderful trainers. It’s where I got my certification training and my brother and my son to get our carries. You can do that, too. There. They have a magnificent staff, a great stock of guns and accessories. They will be able to help you get fit to what your needs are and help you to become amazingly proficient with your firearm and do it right and be safe. So, check out WeShoot at weshootusa.com. When we come back, I have an interesting law to talk to you about that’s being proposed and wait until you hear about this one.

Speaker 3 18:04

For over 30 years Attorney Evan Nappen has seen what rotten laws do to good people. That’s why he’s dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of America’s gun owners. A fearsome courtroom litigator fighting for rights, justice and freedom. An unrelenting gun rights spokesman tearing away at anti-gun propaganda to expose the truth. Author of six bestselling books on gun rights including Nappen on Gun Law, a bright orange gun law Bible that sits atop the desk of virtually every lawyer, police chief, firearms dealer, and savvy gun owner. That’s what made Evan Nappen America’s Gun Lawyer. Gun laws are designed to make you a criminal. Don’t become the innocent victim of a vicious anti-gun legal system. This is the guy you want on your side. Keep his name and number in your wallet and hope you never have to use it. But if you live, work, or travel with a firearm, the deck is already stacked against you. You can find him on the web at EvanNappen.com or follow the link on the Gun Lawyer resource page. Evan Nappen – America’s Gun Lawyer.

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You’re listening to Gun Lawyer with Attorney Evan Nappen. Available wherever you get your favorite podcast.

Evan Nappen 19:24

Hey, welcome back to Gun Lawyer. This is Evan Nappen. I was just reading about this here, and you know what, I think you’re going to find it really interesting. But before I get into that, I want to remind you that you should be a member of the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs. They are fighting for your rights every day. They have a full-time lobbyist in Trenton, and they are in the courts, as we speak, fighting the so-called assault firearm ban, the so-called large capacity magazine ban, and of course, the Carry Killer law. They are vigilant, guarding our rights, fighting for our rights and making a difference. They just got three Attorney General opinions done that helped gun owners, three, without litigation, including what we talked about last show so that pregnant individuals can get an extension on getting their carry recertification. Lots of good work is coming out of the Association. You can stay Page – 5 – of 8

updated, get on their email, and they’ll send you a great newsletter, the finest in the state. Check out anjrpc.org. Make sure you join the Association so you can be part of the solution.

Evan Nappen 20:57

While you’re at it, make sure you get a copy of my book. Yes, it’s time for me to shamelessly promote my book. It is called New Jersey Gun Law, and it is the Bible of New Jersey gun law. It has over 120 topics all explained in question answers, over 500 pages. It is the source to try to understand New Jersey gun laws. When you scan the front cover, you get a subscription for free to my update on my subscriber portal. You’re alerted right away about changes just like that Attorney General’s opinion that just came out. Well, if you were a subscriber, you got it before I even talked about it on the show. You get all the updates. You get the news and any of those changes. You get it for free, and you get alerted to it. You can also go to the archive and download or print. It’s all there for you so that this book stays current. And that’s the idea. So, if you want to get a copy of New Jersey Gun Law, go to EvanNappen.com. That’s my website, EvanNappen.com. You will see that big orange book right there, just click it, and you can order yourself a copy.

Evan Nappen 22:10

So, look at what this article says. This is from the I guess it’s the Trib.live, and it’s out of Pennsylvania, written by Tony Larussa. (https://triblive.com/local/regional/state-rep-frankel-crafting-measure-to-revoke-gun-permits-when-people-get-caught-at-airport-checkpoints/) He is talking about a State Rep in Pennsylvania who is crafting a measure to revoke gun permits when people get caught at airport checkpoints. Look at that. This guy wants to get a law passed. You know a lot of guys out of Jersey and PA fly out of Philly. They fly out of these places, and I’ve dealt with it many, many times. People accidentally bring their gun to the airport because they forget that they have it in their bag or forget that they have it in their purse. They’re not terrorists. They’re just law-abiding permit holders, and this is who he wants to revoke. Notice, is it the terrorists that has a carry permit that’s trying to get into the airport? No. These are law- abiding citizens who make an honest mistake, and he wants to take away your Constitutional right to protect yourself by revoking your permit. This is something that we don’t want to see become a law because it takes away the discretion, and it removes the ability for individuals to explain when there’s an honest mistake.

Evan Nappen 23:39

I’ve had many, many legal cases with this mistake. Now granted, you shouldn’t do this. You shouldn’t be this foolish. You shouldn’t make that mistake. You need to be careful, and you need to check your bags. You need to know what’s in your bags. You need to know what’s on your person. Why would you walk through an airport, particularly the security checkpoint, and still have a gun? Well, I’ll tell you what. I’ve had many cases where the individuals are not just forgetting that they had it. Okay, that’s one thing. Some didn’t even know they had it. I had one where it was packed in their suitcase as a gift. They didn’t even know it was in there. Another case was with a fellow who put his guns with his dog because he was going hunting. He didn’t know that the dog went through the security checkpoint. I had another case where the guy was late for his flight, and the person at the check in was trying to be nice. They just grabbed his bag, ran them to the gate and pushed his bags through before he could even check it, and it had a gun. He didn’t even want to do it. And it went through. I mean I’ve had case after case. I had an international arms dealer. The guy legally sold MIGs, and he had licenses that I’d never even Page – 6 – of 8

seen before. He accidentally, at the bottom of his bag, had some ammo that was leftover. What a nightmare for that! So, now this rep wants to revoke the permit, revoke his ability to do his job, revoke his license and revoke, revoke, revoke. For what? His honest mistake.

Evan Nappen 25:23

Look, right now you pay a civil fine. There is a civil fine. You’re not getting away scot free for being a bonehead. I get that. But not taking the person’s right away. That’s where it’s bad. Then what happens is these things snowball, and they’re going to take the rights, they are going to make it a crime, and they’re going to enhance the penalty. They’re going to do more and more. It just grows and grows and grows. And sure, this is a proposal now out of Pennsylvania. But guess what? These things then go national, and they look to make it apply to everybody. This is the anti-gun ploy. It’s their M.O. It’s what they do all the time. We got to nip it in the bud. So, tell (PA) State Rep. Dan Frankel (D-Squirrel Hill) that you don’t like his idea. (https://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/home/member_information/house_bio.cfm?id=84) You don’t agree that revoking is proper. Oh, he’s saying this should be no problem for law-abiding gun owners. Why would they care? Because we know the slippery slope that you guys do to us all the time. We know it! It’s always so frickin reasonable, till it isn’t. So, no more gun laws. No. Enough. This next ploy of yours has to be stopped just like every other ploy the antis put out. This is yet another one. We got to go at them. We have got to stop them. Beware of this encroachment that’s being pursued again on our rights.

Evan Nappen 27:07

So, I have an interesting letter here. This is a letter from George, regarding NJ PTC Additional Handgun Form. He’s a U.S. Law Shield member and a book owner. So, that’s all good. He owns my book. Hi, Evan, longtime book owner, listener, a member of U.S. Law Shield, also referred many friends and family members to your book and U.S. Law Shield. Thank you, George. Anyway, his question is regarding NJ PTC – Description of additional handguns to be carried form. He says, feel free to shorten if reading on the podcast, as it’s a little long and somewhat complicated and detailed. Well, let’s get into it. So, basically, what George is saying here is that he has a dedicated P365 carry, but he also owns full size pistols that he may never carry for defensive purposes but is thinking about traveling in maybe an RV in or out of state. He has other state PTCs, and he figures with the NJ PTC and having them listed on the form, it would make it possible, limiting to 2 total pistols, of course, because that’s the most you can carry. But mainly as a way to get away from the only to and from the range New Jersey law. Actually, here’s the deal. By having your Jersey carry permit and going to other states where you can possess and carry, then the guns you’re allowed to possess and carry, that you’re able to do that, put you squarely within the federal law, title 18 926 A. Under that law, you can transport your gun cased and unloaded, of course, through bad states. So, if you have your Jersey carry for that handgun, you can possess and carry that handgun, and you’re plainly meeting the federal qualification.

Evan Nappen 29:07

Let’s say you’re going to go to Florida, and you have a Florida nonresident carry permit. Well, you can take your gun, cased and unloaded, not readily accessible from the passenger compartment, and you can drive from New Jersey to Florida through all the bad states, all the bad states. You are legal to transport your gun in that manner. What that permit in Jersey does is reaffirm and make clear that you Page – 7 – of 8

meet the parameters of the federal law by being able to possess and carry. So, it can be very helpful in that regard, and with the guns listed on there (the New Jersey “PTC Additional Handguns Intended to be Carried”), you have the ability to plainly possess and carry them so that’s not a bad idea. Then George goes on and says, well, he also liked the idea that he can easily change calibers on certain guns with a simple conversion barrel and a magazine swap. He talks about being able to do it with Glocks and SIGs and such. He wants to know, though, should he list every one with every caliber? Frankly, what you need to do is just list the gun with the serial number and its original caliber configuration. That’s really it. With modifications and such, it’s perfectly legal for you to make these changes to have multiple calibers. You also might want to write on the form “multi caliber”. Because when it asks the caliber, you could add to the form the calibers, just the calibers. You don’t have to relist every gun. So, if it is a multi-caliber gun, you could write that or you could put the calibers themselves that you have the conversions for. Guns can be multiple calibers, and there are many, many guns that are able to do that. So, feel free to add that to the form. Just add the calibers that it converts to with one gun listed. Multi caliber, you’re good. And that’s easy to do. So, that would help cover you for that. George, I thank you for your question and being a listener, a book owner, and a Law Shield member and being smart. Being smart so that you’re protecting yourself, especially in New Jersey. You’re doing the right thing, and you’re giving yourself an edge in being able to maintain your right to keep and bear arms. Unfortunately, this is what it takes in Jersey. And it’s what we must do.

Evan Nappen 31:43

Hey, folks, so what is the GOFU of the week? The Gun Owner, Fuck Up of the week? I see these GOFUs all the time. It’s what happens as the Gun Lawyer. I defend my folks, and I love you guys. I love defending you and that’s my calling. It’s not a problem. But when I see it and I go, man, it’s a shame they made that mistake. And I say I’m going to tell you, the listeners, these mistakes. Because these mistakes are the GOFUs. You need to learn from other people’s mistakes, and you get cheap lessons here. You get them really inexpensive. And today’s GOFU is really simple. Confessions don’t absolve. They convict. That’s right. Confessions don’t absolve. They convict. Never confess, okay. You have a Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. Don’t go and confess, ever. The only time that “confession” comes into play, is if you’re entering a plea of guilty with your lawyer. You’ve worked out a plea deal, and you’ve worked it all out. The State requires a so-called factual basis. Then, and only then, do you actually “confess”. But during any type of investigation, police inquiry about anything, you don’t “confess”. You know, whatever this mentality is, maybe from religion, you know, with religion, you confess and get absolved. It’s a different idea. You get to confess, get absolved and leave. You can do things like that with religion. But that’s not how it works in the justice system.

Evan Nappen 33:36

“Confession” just makes it so that you can be convicted from your own words. And as gun owners, there are so many laws, so many problems, so many things you may not even be aware of. The last thing you want to do is say anything. What you want to do is talk to your lawyer, ask for your lawyer. Unfortunately, I see gun owners thinking they can just go and explain it. They’ll understand the mitigation. You know, the reasons behind it. No! All you do is bury yourself with your own words. So, remember, confessions don’t absolve, they convict. That’s the GOFU for the week. This is Evan Nappen reminding you that gun laws don’t protect honest citizens from criminals. They protect criminals from honest citizens. Page – 8 – of 8

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