Episode 128-Are You an Ammosexual?

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Gun Lawyer Episode 128


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Evan Nappen, Speaker 3

Evan Nappen 00:16

Hello, I’m Evan Nappen, and welcome to Gun Lawyer. So, we have some interesting news stories that have been coming through with the teletype. Imagine that teletype. But anyway, one of them I want to talk about today that I thought was particularly interesting. It involves the Democrats switching their party in North Carolina in Charlotte. This is interesting because of what happened to this Democrat, and it actually intrigued me to talk about and share with you a very important, a very important, topic that I know you’ll all want to hear and think about. Before I go any further, let me just thank our sponsors. Our sponsors are the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs. They are the NRA state affiliate in New Jersey for helping to make this show possible. And for our good friends at WeShoot, which is the target range and training facility down in Lakewood. WeShoot. It is weshoot usa.com for their website. We’re going to talk more about our sponsors, of course, because we love them, and they help make this show possible.

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They make it so I can talk to you about things such as the Charlotte Democrat. This is a NC State Rep, and her name is Tricia Cotham. Anyway, she switched parties to Republican and that gave the Republicans a supermajority in North Carolina. She did this after the vote came down removing the Jim Crow-era racist gun laws off North Carolina’s books. And what happened was, all the Republicans voted for it. The Democrats didn’t vote for it. However, what some of the Democrats did, including this Democrat, was they abstained. They didn’t vote at all. So, they didn’t show up, basically, for the vote. They didn’t vote. And by not voting, it overrode the Democrat Governor’s veto. Because you know how Democrats always want to keep the racist gun laws on the books. So, it overrode it. Other Democrats were extremely upset with her allowing the veto override and removing the Jim Crow-era gun laws from the books.

Evan Nappen 03:09

Here’s where it got really interesting because she was being interviewed. This is actually an article from Fox News. (“Charlotte Democrat switched parties after being called ‘ammosexual’, critiqued for invoking Jesus Christ” by Charles Creitz, Fox News) (https://www.foxnews.com/media/charlotte-democrat-switches-parties-called-ammosexual-critiqued-invoking-jesus-christ). They’re questioning her about why did you change parties. She says, “I noticed some pretty big changes in the Democrat Party right when I got here, and it was very disturbing,” is what she said. This is right from the article. It says, she added Page – 2 – of 6

that she has the stars and stripes on her vehicle, notice she has a flag on her vehicle, and she speaks openly about her faith. Boy, can you believe that? She said, “I’ve used Jesus several times when I’ve led our chamber in House prayer.” She was told you can never trust a Democrat who wears camo. All right. And just this week, I was called an ammosexual. Well, that really grabbed me right there. She was called an ammosexual, and I’m like, an ammo sexual? What is an ammosexual?

Evan Nappen 04:22

So, I decided, like everyone else, let’s just go to wiki and look up ammosexual, shall we? And what does it say? It says, “A person obsessed with owning guns; a zealous supporter of the right to bear arms.” So, what did I discover about myself? I am coming out, officially, today as an ammosexual, and I want to discuss with you ammosexuality, because it is clearly an important topic. I think there are a lot of things you need to consider about ammosexuality and that you may, in fact, be an ammosexual as well. You just don’t know it. So, we need to look at these things. Because let me tell you, coming out as an ammosexual, it takes courage today to do that, in today’s anti-gun environment, of course. Although it was used as a slur against this representative from North Carolina, it is not, of course, a slur. It’s something we need to be proud of. We have pride in our ammosexuality, and I’m sure you can understand why that’s so important.

Evan Nappen 05:41

If you start to understand and see in this new light about ammosexuality, you realize that so many people are actually ammosexuals, and many of these ammosexuals are repressing their ammosexual desires. You see this particularly in the most anti-gun, the most anti-gun voices out there. Many of them are actually closet ammosexuals, and they’re closet ammosexuals because they cannot deal with their repressed feelings of ammosexuality. Therefore, they attack other ammosexual persons and try to do everything in their power to destroy them because they cannot deal with their own feelings. And I’ll tell you. Do you know what’s chock full of ammosexuality? You see it all throughout Hollywood. Boy, is it there. It really is. But lots of times there’s repressed ammosexuality, and many times they’re afraid to come out of the closet about their ammosexuality. If you look at Hollywood, there is just tremendous ammosexuality propaganda always through Hollywood. How many times have you seen firearms used, weapons used, in Hollywood movies? All the time. And aren’t they glorified even by these very people who claim to not like firearms?

Evan Nappen 07:21

Look at Liam Neeson, for example. He makes his living with movies where he’s shooting people, but he’s anti-gun. That is classic ammosexuality repression. He needs to come out of the closet over his ammosexuality. Just think, if Alec Baldwin had just admitted to himself and realized his identity as an ammosexual person, he would have had the training and experience and understand the community that could support him in his ammosexuality. And most likely his problems with ammosexuality and his issues here that caused him to now be subjected to that entire mishap, probably could have been avoided if he had simply admitted his own ammosexuality. Then become part of the group and the culture and understand the right and safe ways, the safe ways to be an ammosexual in our society.

Evan Nappen 08:29 Page – 3 – of 6

There are things you need to know. It isn’t just an easy path for anyone. Just recently I was watching, and you saw, a beer company was heavily criticized for putting transsexual etc. on their beer can. It’s caused a lot of controversy. But look, folks, as an ammosexual, we’ve had Colt 45 on a beer for how long? That’s not a problem. It’s just like early 1960s, man. We’ve got Bulliet Whiskey, you know, that’s all good. So, just face your true identity. And that is what brings me to looking at some of the steps and things you may encounter when you are maybe thinking about this topic. Becoming an ammosexual or identifying yourself in this way, sometimes it can be a gradual process, or it can take place quickly. And it usually involves first, you know, coming out to yourself. That’s what you have to do first. This can be difficult for some, but ultimately, you’re going to free yourself. You’re finally going to find that you can be authentic and true to who you are. Those are important things.

Evan Nappen 09:54

So, I was looking at studies of this in other areas of sexuality, not just ammosexuality, and I found what’s called the Cass Theory developed by Vivian Cass, who actually looked at a six-stage model, folks, for this. (https://www.washington.edu/counseling/thinking-of-coming-out/) I found this model to be very instructive, and I want you to share and think about these very steps. So, what’s step one in the Cass model? That’s called “Identity Confusion.” That’s where you may wonder whether you are or maybe have inclinations toward ammosexuality. Now, I know that many folks, including myself, were first exposed to this in the library. Reading books that had individuals using firearms that were heroic and other things, and it started to occur to me about this interest. Then later, I really got into reading ammosexual books like Jeff Cooper and Blue Book of Gun Values. You have to recognize that your interest is really there in this.

Evan Nappen 11:03

Then there’s what’s called “Identity Comparison” and that’s the next step. That’s where you may feel that you might face social isolation for this interest. That you may have, you’re trying to cope with it, and you feel this. I know that when I came out as an ammosexual to my father, he was very supportive. He said, in the army, he had had ammosexual experiences with many different firearms and weapons, and he understood my interest. I really appreciate having a dad that could do that. It was really great. And he let me explore and be myself to have various firearms and other things in my own development of ammosexuality. So, if we start with the comparisons, you may feel that social isolation. However, keep in mind that many famous people are ammosexuals and were ammosexuals. For example, many of our founding fathers were ammosexuals. Thomas Jefferson was plainly one. George Washington. These great men were ammosexuals, and they were not in the closet about it, either. They were outright open about their love. This is also found in many of our Presidents. President Roosevelt was probably one of the most prominent ammosexuals ever to be president. But Reagan was plainly ammosexual. For that matter, President Trump is an ammosexual, too.

Evan Nappen 12:44

I’ll tell you who else. If you look at entertainment, Elvis was an ammosexual. A lot of you don’t realize that, but he plainly was. He had some really amazing firearms, and he practiced ammosexuality right at Graceland. I visited where he practiced it, right there. Clint Eastwood, I mean, talk about an ammosexual. There you go. At least those folks are open about it, you know. But unfortunately, many in Hollywood aren’t. Every time you see an anti-gunner, whether they’re a Hollywood person or political, Page – 4 – of 6

the louder they’re screaming about anti-gun, the more you know they are in fact a closet ammosexual, just repressing their feelings. You know that every time you see it. So, just realize that about these folks.

Evan Nappen 13:43

Now, the next step is “Identity Tolerance.” Identity tolerance is where you yourself accept your ammosexuality. Although you may have some confusion and/or maybe even distress about it, your self-concept becomes increasingly different, and you start to make contact with other people in the ammosexual community. And that’s where things really start to happen. And I’ll tell you what. We’re going to continue exploring the steps of ammosexuality, because I know you’re finding is very enlightening about this. We can get into a few important things now for the current movement and pride in ammosexuality. We’ll be talking about that when we come back from the break.

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And that’s what we were discussing today. We were discussing ammosexuality. I mean ammo sexuality is in the news. Ammosexuality is what the Rep in North Carolina was called, as a pejorative. They called her an ammosexual to “be offensive”. But do you know what? It’s not offensive. It’s not offensive. It’s something we need to have a source of pride about. We’re talking about individuals and how you come to grips with your ammosexuality. As we’re looking at the different stages, we’re now at the stage of “Identity Acceptance.” This is where you have to accept. You’ve resolved these questions about your ammosexuality, and you’ve accepted yourself as an ammosexual. This is where you start to have increased contact with your community and that’s important. It can be at ranges. It can be at gun clubs or going to gun shows. It’s embracing and becoming part of a community where you meet many, many other ammosexuals. It is very enriching, and it’s how you grow and gain knowledge. Page – 6 – of 6

Evan Nappen 23:20

It also gets you to stage five, which is “Identity Pride.” You start to feel the pride, and you’re part of the ammosexual community. You want to be part of that community, and you get pride in that community. It helps you to deal with maybe some of the anger you feel for those forces that keep trying to destroy us and put us into categories of folks that are somehow dangerous to society, etc, which is just so ridiculous. But we all have experienced it and know it. So, once you get that Identity Pride, it’s helpful to overcome it and finally get to “Identity Synthesis.” With Identity Synthesis, this is where you integrate your ammosexuality with the rest of yourself and your life. You make it part of your whole identity and that’s when you live the Second Amendment lifestyle. folks. You live the Second Amendment lifestyle because you have now synthesized your ammosexuality into this wonderful state of being, of freedom, of an understanding that you can defend yourself and your family, of knowing that you’re capable of handling it, and that you enjoy shooting, admire other skills with shooting, and partake in these events and your community. And it’s this whole absorption that frees you and makes you a healthier person. This is what you want to do, and this is how you’re going to get there.

Evan Nappen 25:12

It starts with the recognition, and I hope that today I’ve helped you, as in fact, it has helped me to recognize we are ammosexuals. It’s the greatest thing. So, I want to thank this North Carolina Rep for putting forward this unfortunate attempted slur that was made upon her, when in fact, it is not a slur. It is a source of pride. We all need to be proud. Don’t let anyone put us down. Realize that those who are the loudest against us are, in fact, closet ammosexuals. The more they oppose us, the more ammosexually repressed they are. You know it, and you’ve seen it. So, this helps to come to terms with understanding yourself and the attacks and repression that we face. We face this in the mainstream media. We face it in big tech. They try to treat us as monsters. People, you know, try to shun us. They’ll try to police me, even target us, and federal agencies and rulemaking, and such. All designed for this to make us oppressed and not have pride but to have fear. We don’t want that. No, no. We unite. We show our pride. We show our pride, and we fight. We fight back legally, by uniting, being politically active, by doing these things, so that folks know that the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment protects us all and is fundamental. And never anything that we should be ashamed of. In fact, we need to embrace it. This is Evan Nappen reminding you that gun laws don’t protect honest citizens from criminals. They protect criminals from honest citizens.

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