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Gun Lawyer Episode 127


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Evan Nappen, Speaker 3

Evan Nappen 00:16

Hello, I’m Evan Nappen, and welcome to Gun Lawyer. So, I’ll tell you what, folks, there’s been a lot of things in the news. I’m sure you’ve been following them. A lot of anti-gun politics, and I’m sure you feel the frustration when you hear these people talking in their absolute garbage that they’re spewing when you and I know the truth. They have no clue what they’re talking about. Let me tell you, it is ridiculous, and this is why I’m so happy to have this podcast, Gun Lawyer. Because I am able to talk to you, folks, and we’re able to vent about this and expose their lies. Very thankful to have our show sponsored by the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs, which is the state NRA affiliate in New Jersey. I am also very proud to have as a sponsor, WeShoot, which is a great range in Lakewood. They are just a wonderful place, and I highly encourage my listeners to check out WeShoot.

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Anyway, we’ve been listening to this stuff, and it made me think a little bit about, well, some of you may recall the comedian, Jeff Foxworthy. Jeff Foxworthy used to say “you’re a redneck if blah, blah, blah”, and he’d have these great jokes. Well, I’m going to modify that a little bit. So, with apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, I say “you’re a dumbass when you say or believe that somehow banning so-called “assault weapons” will stop a mentally deranged person from committing mass murder.” And I’ll tell you what, “you’re a dumbass when you constantly are calling for gun laws that condemn small concealable deadly handguns, and then have the Justice Department put forward a new rule that makes handguns that are increased in size by way of a pistol brace, illegal under the NFA (National Firearms Act) and restricted under the NFA.” I mean, how absurd is that?

Evan Nappen 03:13

And I’ll tell you what, “you’re a dumbass when you complain about Constitutional carry and claim that it’s going to be the “Wild West”. How many times have you heard them say, ‘oh my god, it’s gonna be the Wild West when 25 states have enacted constitutional carry” and none of them became the Wild West. As a matter of fact, we’re looking now at number 26, which will be Florida, because the Constitutional Carry bill passed the House and Senate, and it is on the way to Governor DeSantis’ desk. He has said that he will sign it and that will make Florida the 26th state. Therefore, a majority of states in the United States will have Constitutional Carry. That means law-abiding citizens no longer need a permission slip in the majority of America to carry a handgun concealed on their person for self-Page – 2 – of 9

defense. They no longer have to be victims, but can in fact be defenders. It is an amazing, amazing transformation into liberty.

Evan Nappen 04:51

Let me tell you, that’s a rare thing these days, because there aren’t too many areas where Americans are gaining freedom. All you ever hear about is we need a new law, and their new law takes away freedom. Rarely, rarely, do we gain freedom back. Here the movement of carry, the ability to have that concealed firearm that you can carry to defend yourself, has been one of the greatest examples of the expansion of not only our right to keep and bear arms, but of just freedom. Freedom. Because it wasn’t until the early 1980s, when Florida was really the first state, modern state, to get “shall issue” carry permits. From shall issue permits and their popularity spreading throughout the states, individuals became used to and accustomed to carrying a handgun for defense.

Evan Nappen 06:11

Then the next step of saying you don’t even need a permit anymore, which is how it should have been originally, has then grown in liberty. And what you see here is incrementalism working for us, not against us. Because many of our gun rights were taken away one slice at a time. This salami tactic of taking away rights. They banned this. They go after that. They cut here. They cut there. They cut, cut, cut. And before you know it, you don’t have any rights left. As much as we want to have a clean sweep and restore all our gun rights, in reality, it’s not how it works. In reality, as the carry movement demonstrates it, step by step, we gain our rights back. And what a great example to gain our carry rights back to the point of needing no permits whatsoever in the majority of America. To be able to defend ourselves and have that best means, the top finest means of self-defense at our disposal. The ability to carry a firearm without having to get the government’s permission.

Evan Nappen 07:44

Now many of the states that pass Constitutional Carry, of course, still have a permit system. But it’s not mandatory, it’s optional. And some people opt for it so that you can have reciprocity in other states, or opt for it because it can get you the Brady exemptions so you don’t need a NICS check. Or they opt for it for their own personal reasons. But as long as it’s just an option and not a mandatory requirement and you can carry without having to get a permit or a license, then we have our freedom. And it is secured and it is growing every day. Even though we’re dealing with all these battles, fighting these anti-gun jerks and every one of their wacko proposals that aren’t based anywhere in logic that have no effect on crime, the carry license movement actually has an effect on crime. That’s the ironic thing.

Evan Nappen 08:55

The anti-gunners constantly push for this gun control or that gun control. They will do their blood dance in some victims of some atrocity, some horrible event of which is so few and far between. Yet they capitalize on it and use it to take away everybody’s rights. And of course, it has no effect on actual public safety. No effect on actually reducing crime. Yet the growth of our liberty to carry a firearm does. That’s what stops the bad guys. That’s where, even if we don’t want to look at it statistically, just you, the individual, to now protect yourself that right there impacts crime, and it impacts your own personal safety and feeling of wellbeing. It’s critical. Page – 3 – of 9

Evan Nappen 10:04

So, this movement is something I’m very happy to see. Of course, it’s been put on steroids with the Bruen decision so that those remaining states, that small handful of authoritarian, elitist, states that don’t want to trust their citizens with the ability to defend themselves and not be victims of crime, even they have to issue carry permits, at least. And that’s, of course, what we’ve been experiencing in New Jersey. We’re in a transition phase in Jersey, because they’re still fighting us, kicking and screaming, and they can’t stand it. It’s no longer just an elite 600, because that was the estimate of civilian carries in Jersey, and now, individuals that are law-abiding citizens have a right, a Constitutional right, to carry and at least get a permit.

Evan Nappen 11:16

This is itself a magnificent change. Folks, think about those of you who live in New Jersey, just how amazing it is to even say that we can finally get a carry permit in New Jersey. Just those words alone. I always wondered if I’d ever be able to say them and being able to say those words is great. Now, of course, the legislature with the Murphy Carry Killer, anti-Civil Rights bill, they’re trying to throw everything at us including the kitchen sink to try to make the utilitarian value of a carry permit worthless, but they’re failing. They’re failing because of the Second Amendment. They’re failing because of the Bruen decision. They’re failing because of the great Justice Thomas and the majority opinion that has empowered the Second Amendment to fight off these atrocious laws. So, we can take a lot of pride in a lot of progress. I know we’re all cynical, and we have a right to be. But we truly have seen tremendous progress when it comes to our liberty for carry.

Evan Nappen 12:34

And you know, the importance of carry isn’t just to us as individuals. It isn’t just so we can defend our families. It isn’t just some impact on crime and all that. But there also is a very important political aspect to carry. And you don’t hear this talked about much, but I want to make it clear. You see, originally in the gun rights battle, I mean, going back since the 60s, the antis gameplan to disarm us, was, oh, we only want handguns. We’re not after your hunting guns. We just want to go after handguns. The original main gun control group in America was called Handgun Control. You see that’s all. So, they could, that way. They knew they could not offend hunters and what a lot of us call the thuds over their long arms, because they just wanted handguns. This approach was also politically done because hunters were such a strong contingency of voters and really a demographic that they didn’t want to alienate. But unfortunately, over time, and mainly due to the diminishing ability to have a place to hunt and such, hunting is not the same force that it was 60 years ago. I love hunting, and I’m sure many listeners love to hunt. But plainly it isn’t. With young people into video games and not the outdoors and computers seem to be ruling their lives instead of actual activities, we’ve seen this diminish. Hence, a political faction that helped preserve our gun rights is diminishing.

Evan Nappen 14:42

But with the advent of concealed carry and the carry movement, it has grown tremendously. In fact, carry has superseded in the importance politically of protecting our gun rights generally and overall. Because every person that has a gun and every person that has a gun for self-defense, and every person who carries a gun for self-defense, and now has that amazing ability to defend themselves and that wonderful feeling of security and knowing that you have the means, the most effective means, to Page – 4 – of 9

protect yourself, that person is now a Second Amendment supporter with a vested interest in their own gun that protects their life. And that’s powerful stuff. And the anti-gunners know it. This is why they fight concealed carry with permits. They fight it because they know that it puts them in an even more difficult position when they try to steal our Constitutional rights away from us. Hey, when we come back, I have some great letters to share, and I know you’ll appreciate them.

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You’re listening to Gun Lawyer with Attorney Evan Nappen. Available wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

Evan Nappen 17:45

Hey, welcome back to Gun Lawyer. I’m Evan Nappen, and I want to thank you for listening to the podcast. It really makes a difference, and we’re able to get the word out. I really love having this opportunity, and I appreciate your subscribing and having your friends listen and subscribe. It’s really been really a lot of fun for me to do this. I truly appreciate the sponsors of my show. So, I will shamelessly promote my sponsors because I love them dearly. First, we have the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs. They are the NRA state affiliate in New Jersey. They are our gun rights defenders in New Jersey. It is critical that you belong to the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs. It’s the minimum you can do. It’s the least you can do. And by joining the Association, you get tremendous benefits. First of all, you know you’re part of the fight. Because they have a full- time, paid lobbyist down in Trenton. They’re also in the litigation. They’re fighting and paying to be in the federal courts challenging the Murphy Carry Killer anti-Civil Rights bill, challenging the assault firearms ban as we speak, challenging the large capacity magazine ban, challenging the disqualifiers that try to arbitrarily take away our gun rights. They’re there fighting for you and me. When you join, you get a spectacular newsletter, really the best newsletter on Jersey gun rights there is, and you get email alerts that warn you of what’s coming. Things you need to be aware of as gun owners in New Jersey, both political and factual, that can immediately alert you. It’s really critical that you belong to anjrpc.org.

Evan Nappen 19:45

Our other sponsor is a really, really, spectacular gun range. If you’ve never been there, I would highly advise you to go there it is It’s called WeShoot, and WeShoot is in Lakewood, New Jersey. It is an Page – 5 – of 9

indoor range, and they have twelve 25 indoor lanes. They offer shooting, training, and practice, and they can get you certified so that you can get your carry license. It’s one of the requirements in Jersey to get that carry permit. They can help you to do it, and they’re experts at that, frankly. They’ve never had anyone that they’ve trained get rejected for their training certifications. So, if you’re looking for a place to fulfill that requirement, that’s the place to go. I do have some exciting news from WeShoot, by the way. You can go to their website, which is www.weshoot usa.com. WeShootusa.com. You can check them out.

Evan Nappen 21:03

One of the things I want to bring to your attention, and especially in these times, they are one of the most affordable memberships on the Jersey Shore. Their plans start at $299 per year for range membership. They also have a monthly plan, by the way, for so-called winter birds, or summer birds, whatever you are here for if you are just here seasonally in Jersey, at only $30 a month. But here’s the deal. Their range membership, all their memberships, include unlimited range use, folks. Unlimited range use. In New Jersey, that is an incredibly reasonable rate. Not only does it include unlimited range use, but it also includes five free guest passes. You get 3% instant cashback rewards on any purchases, and you get 50% off all rentals.

Evan Nappen 22:05

That’s one of the great things in New Jersey. You can rent a gun at the range. And boy, you want to try out different guns, you want to have some fun and try this one and that one to see what’s best for you. You always were curious about this gun or that. What better way than by a rental – just a great experience. They have special prices on ammo, and they have 5% off all accessories. Then they have exclusive access to their member promotions and discounts during their Member Appreciation Month. And that’s right, the full month of May. They dedicate themselves to their members with their biggest sales. Don’t miss it. Go to www.weshootusa.com . Join WeShoot and enjoy a great shooting experience that I know you will appreciate. So, check out WeShootusa.com.

Evan Nappen 23:03

I have a letter here from Jim. And Jim is asking a question that I’ve gotten a number of folks asking about, and I want to deal with it here. Jim says regarding qualification. Hi, Evan, I recently received my PTC from the PD not through the courts, thank God. He’s not kidding, thank God. At least that is one good thing in that pile of crap called the Carry Killer, anti-Civil Rights bill. They got rid of judges. He says the question I have here is on two separate occasions during the process. Once when doing the interview with the officer, and second when I went to the station to pick up the permit. I was told that if I wanted to carry any other guns besides the ones I qualified with, I’d have to qualify whatever guns I would carry, and then provide them with information so they can update my file. Based on what I heard in some of your podcasts, it seems like they are telling me some incorrect information. I do not have any restrictions or court orders stating anything in that regard as to my permit, and it was issued through the PD. If they are in fact telling me incorrect information, I’m very surprised at that because they’re definitely a pro 2a PD.The only thing I can think of is maybe the chief just wants to be able to know what anyone in the town could possibly be carrying at any time.

Evan Nappen 24:22 Page – 6 – of 9

Let me just say. I will say unequivocally that if you go to NJS 2C:58-4, paragraph a., the very first paragraph, it says, in black and white, read it for yourself. One permit shall be good for all handguns that a person has. Right there in the first paragraph. Right out of the bat. So, one permit is good for all. Now, that’s what the law says. If the permit has no restrictions, you simply must abide by the law. One permit is good for all handguns. There is no requirement that you certify on any gun you wish to carry. The reason this may exist is that with RPO cards, which was for retired law enforcement, retired police officer, there was this type of requirement imposed by the Attorney General, who unilaterally placed it upon retired police. And that became sort of a mindset out there. Then the judges who were involved, this is what they saw and thought. So, they were doing it to a number of the permits where they were trying to come up with different restrictions.

Evan Nappen 25:39

With the judges’ permit, you’re essentially dealing with what is a court-ordered permit. So, you’re bound and restricted. But as far as a permit issued by a chief under the new law, you can read the law for yourself. One permit is good for all the guns that you have all the handguns on permit. So, you know, that is the story. Now if you want to comply, if you want to provide the chief with certifications on guns you wish to carry and you just want to do it because you want to show that you are qualified on that gun and just have it for purposes of historically documenting it, feel free. But the fact is that the license is not restricted. The fact is what the law says that I just told you. I don’t necessarily think it’s a conspiracy by a chief to want to know what gun you have. It’s probably more about a residue or legacy type action that existed in prior licensing, prior to the new law. It’s that legacy type mindset that really has to be changed. So, that would be my guess, strictly a guess, as to why that might be going on.

Evan Nappen 26:57

Now, I have another letter here from Anthony, regarding moving out of New Jersey. I do get asked this at times and folks want to know, because you know why? A lot of people want to leave New Jersey. That’s why. As a matter of fact, more people want to leave New Jersey than want to stay in New Jersey, which is an interesting fact. This gets confirmed by United Van Lines and stuff, how many people are moving out and how many people are moving in. But here’s someone who’s moving out of Jersey and wants to know how to leave with firearms. It’s Anthony and he says, Hi Evan. I recently bought a house in North Carolina and will be moving there once the purchase closes.

Evan Nappen 27:38

I want to follow the law. This is back to the letter. Sorry, I got diverted there, but I got inspired. I want to follow the law with my firearms during the moving process. I listen enough to your podcast to know how to transport firearms and ammo. But I want to make sure I can drive out of the state with my firearms directly to my house. I want to make sure my legal guns, purchased in New Jersey, have no law requiring those guns to stay or return to New Jersey. Or do I have to have my firearm shipped to North Carolina by an FFL? Thank you for any help you can provide.

Evan Nappen 27:38

Now it’s interesting that you bought in North Carolina because just last week, North Carolina overrode the Democrat Governor veto of the repeal of the Jim Crow era pistol permit law. North Carolina had a pistol permit requirement going back to the Jim Crow era designed to stop blacks from having guns and Page – 7 – of 9

newly freed slaves. This was a tactic. That’s why they were called Jim Crow laws. This law, this archaic law, requiring permits has been on the books since then. And guess who repealed it? The Democrats? No. The Republicans! There was not a single, in the end, not a single Democrat voted for it. Although supposedly three Democrats that may have been pro-gun just didn’t vote, which let it go through. The Democrat Governor vetoed it, but it was overridden. So, the Jim Crow era racist permit system in North Carolina has been eliminated. Now when you want to buy a gun in North Carolina, you still have to undergo a NICS check. That still happens. But you don’t have to get the piece of paper that can be arbitrarily denied to you or otherwise discourage you from getting a firearm. So, I’m glad that North Carolina has done that. It was really great to see the override of a veto on such a disgusting law.

Evan Nappen 29:59

Well, let me just say they have not passed a law in New Jersey that requires guns in New Jersey to stay in New Jersey. That would be, even for the anti-gunners, a tough one there because all they want to do is get rid of guns. They don’t want guns to stay here. They’re happy to see the guns leave, apparently, so that the criminals can have a freer hand and not face armed defenders. But there is no law. There is no law in New Jersey that says you have to do anything when you leave with your guns in New Jersey. When you leave for whatever state you’re going to, you have to make sure you are legal in that state. I’m not a North Carolina Attorney. But you should check out if North Carolina requires anything for you when you bring your guns there. As far as leaving New Jersey, there’s no requirement regarding your guns.

Evan Nappen 30:55

However, there is a requirement regarding your Firearm Purchaser ID card. If you have a New Jersey Firearm Purchaser ID card, then you must, within 30 days, either put in for a change of address, or surrender your card. Now it’s little known but true, non-residents can have a New Jersey Firearms Purchaser ID card. So, if you’re leaving out of state, and you may, at some time, unfortunately, have to come back for some god forbid reason, you might want to maintain having your New Jersey Firearms ID card. It can be useful to buy ammunition in the state and also for having some greater exemption for transport and even purchase. If you want to keep it, you can put in for a change of address to the state police. You can change it to your new address, in this case, North Carolina or wherever you’ve changed your residence. Now, if you decide, hey, I’m never coming back to Jersey and I don’t need that license, you should voluntarily surrender your license back to the issuing authority, whoever issued it so that you’ve gotten rid of it. And that 30 Day requirement no longer would apply. So, the card is something you should be concerned about, but with the guns though, Jersey has no laws regarding it.

Evan Nappen 32:20

Now as far as transporting the guns themselves. When you’re going to go into the state, you want to rely upon Title 18 926 A of the federal law. This was a law that was put through federally, through the Gun Owners Protection Act, that allows for a preemptive ability to transport firearms through states that might have prohibitions or problems. The requirement is that you’re going from one state where you lawfully can possess and carry to another state where you lawfully can possess and carry your guns. Now in New Jersey, if you don’t have a carry permit, you can lawfully possess and carry your gun in your home. Most likely, but you should double check, in North Carolina, you can possess and carry guns in your new home in North Carolina. That should meet the bill under federal law. Then when you Page – 8 – of 9

transport them, make sure your guns are unloaded. Put them in a locked case with ammunition separate. Put the ammunition is a separate locked box and have it as far away from the passenger compartment as you can. If you have a trunk, put them in the trunk. If you have a SUV, put them in the back of the SUV and cover the gun cases. Lock them and cover them. Then you are completely within Title 18 926 A as you transport your locked, cased, unloaded firearms with ammunition separate, going from one place where you legally can possess and carry to another . You can check it out right online, USCA Title 18 926 A. I also talked about it in my book, New Jersey Gun Law and that’s the way to transport it as you proceed to travel interstate.

Evan Nappen 34:03

Here’s another letter, and this one is similar. This is from an individual who says, regarding other firearm with a pistol brace. I’m a New Jersey resident, but I own houses in Florida and Vermont. If I register my other firearm with ATF, meaning under the pistol brace rule, can I legally store and possess them in either my Florida or Vermont homes where registered SBRs are legal?

Evan Nappen 34:33

Now let me say, you should be able to do that, but you are going to have to clear it with ATF. I remember when the 1994 Crime Bill was passed and as a warm up for that, the Treasury Secretary Lloyd Benson, another anti-gun person there doing the Democrat’s bidding, did an ATF rule change declaring Street Sweepers and Striker 12s to be destructive devices and having to be registered under the NFA, similar to what they’re trying to push forward on pistol braces, and then allowed for a free registration, as they are allowing supposedly for pistol braces, and you had to file the federal NFA forms to do it. But if you’re in a state that prohibited the firearm, they wouldn’t even allow you to register. In New Jersey, the assault firearm ban prohibited Street Sweepers and Stryker 12s under state law. So, ATF did not want to allow individuals in New Jersey with those guns to be able to register them, even though they could be possessed in New Jersey if individuals had rendered them inoperable and filed the inoperability certificate. But ATF didn’t want to look that closely at state law. They just said we’re not allowing these to get registered in a state that prohibits them.

Evan Nappen 35:55

However, they did allow individuals to register them under the federal law and keep them, for example, in Pennsylvania, if they had a vacation home there. So, being it’s a federal law and being that I am aware of them doing this in the past with destructive device registrations required on Street Sweepers and Stryker 12s, it would seem that you should be able to do that if you clear that with ATF on doing it and you’re storing it in a state where it’s legal. If you’re complying with that NFA registration in that regard, then I don’t see why ATF would be opposing that, if they are consistent as they were in the past. But maybe that’s asking too much for ATF, you know, to be consistent. But there you go.

Evan Nappen 36:44

Hey, I have one more letter here, And this is from George. George says, I have your book. He means New Jersey gun law, of course, and I’ve been a member of Texas U.S. Law Shield for years. I’ve been to a few of your events and sent many friends and family your way for your book and U.S. Law Shield. Anyway, I’ve listened to a bunch of your more recent podcasts back to back while working every day. Well, thank you, George. I hope I’m illuminating some things for you. He said at the end of 120, that’d Page – 9 – of 9

be Episode 120, it prompted me to reach out. I applied for my PTC back in October, and it was sent to Gloucester County judge who dragged their feet. Anyway, I finally just received it. Supposedly the judge had to still take care of the ones that were sent to them. These PTC permits that we received have “See Below” check on the “Restrictions”. So, this restriction block is checked and says “Pursuant to NJS 2C:58-4”. Is this okay? I assume that the statute laws that will hopefully be amended or maybe means challenged in the court, that everyone is held regardless what permit you have say or doesn’t say so basically, it’s the same as unrestricted or no? Previously, the county was issuing permits that said “see court order”, which accompanied a court order that limited you to the pistols that you had qualified with. My permit did accompany a court order letter that references a specific pistol name and serial number that I qualified with and applied with per requirement from them in October. But the actual permit does not say anything about the court order. Maybe the accompanying court order letter was a leftover from the previous ones that were handling it. This had hundreds of fellow GC residents confused and I figured I’d ask you. I can gladly send you photos if needed.

Evan Nappen 38:38

Okay, so here’s the deal. Because you applied in October, you were pre-December, and because you were pre-December, pre-passage of the anti-Civil Rights bill, you still have a judge issued permit unfortunately. The judge issued permit means that it originates out of the court, and they have issued a court order. So, you’re bound, unfortunately, by the court order. Now, if the court order requires and references certain pistol names and ones you qualified with, you had better stick to what the court order says because that creates an obligation to you, between you and the court, as all court orders do. Now the “Pursuant to NJS 2C:58-4” is simply the carry permit law. Interestingly and in contradiction to this, the 2C:58-4 first paragraph, as we discussed earlier, says one handgun permit is good for all your hand guns. But you know what? If you’re dealing with a judge issued permit, you better play it safe, and you better stick to the gun that you certified with that is listed on the court order, because this order has judicial weight behind it. It’s actually done by the court, not just done by an executive, that being a chief or the superintendent. As a court order, it needs to be viewed with and dealt with in that manner. You don’t want to be in contempt of a court order. You don’t want your license to be somehow later declared invalid because you were carrying a gun that wasn’t on the court order. Even though, of course, we’re going to argue that the permit contradicts it because it says 58-4 which says you can have any gun, but you don’t need to be the test case. I don’t think you want that. So, for now, play it safe. When you do your renewal, you’ll have a chief issued permit that will have no restrictions and won’t have the demeanor of it being a court order or judicial. It’ll simply be an executive branch issued license or permit, and then it strictly goes by the statute. That’s the way to play it on that. This is Evan Nappen reminding you that gun laws don’t protect honest citizens from criminals. They protect criminals from honest citizens.

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